Toolbox Essentials

toolbox essentials workshopToolbox Essentials with Duane Gonsalves of Out Of Line Designs

This workshop will prepare you to tackle all your own weekend projects with confidence. Join us for this informative workshop giving you not only the list of items every DIY’er should have in their toolbox, but also a hands-on experience where you will learn how to use each of those tools. Imagine how you will feel when you or your friends want to create a family photo wall and you jump up to say you will go get your stud finder! You will leave the workshop with a new toolbox, a complete list of all the tools you need, and a reclaimed wood chalkboard that you built learning these new DIY skills. Sign up today as we have a feeling that this workshop will quickly become a favourite. Once you have completed your Toolbox Essentials workshop, stay tuned for other classes where Duane will expand your knowledge base and project lists!  

Tuesday, March 8 6:00pm - 8:00pm $99 add to cart