Custom Painting

No time? No problem.
No space? No problem.
Lack of creative confidence? No problem.
YES…we do custom painting of your furniture!

With over 20 years of experience and our love of painting we feel confident that we could successfully create your desired results.  Using Chalk Paint  by Annie Sloan we can customize colours, textures, techniques  and work together to make your vision a reality.

Here’s how easy it is…

Step 1) E-mail a photo of your piece along with its measurements. If you have an inspiration photo of what you are looking for, please send that along as well. If you need help in picking colours, just ask!

Step 2) We will send a return e-mail to clarify any details in order to understand completely and to send you a quote and timeline.

Step 3) We require a 50% deposit upon delivery of furniture.

Step 4) We will contact you once your project is complete and it is ready to go home.

Step 5) Pick up your furniture, pay the balance owing and ENJOY!

Questions about your specific project? We'd love to speak with you and to be of service.

Call us at (604) 532 -5931 or email