Décor Consultation

In your home and at your convenience

During a décor consultation we will take the time to listen to you and share our ideas and advice on how to enhance your home. We are here with a fresh eye to help you decide the story your home tells about you.

This will include:

1. Color choices for walls

2. Furniture color and finish

3. Fabric selection

4. Furniture placement

Our passion is to Reuse and Recycle, we would love to help you reinvent your treasured items and encourage you to part with those that don’t fit. Needing just to reorganize and reduce? We can help with that too! Let’s get started! Once we have inspired you with our ideas you will never see your home the same way again.

Rates are: $100/hr

Other services include room styling, personal shopping, custom painting and so much more.

Call Lori at (604) 532-5931 or email orders@thepassionatehome.com for more information or to book your consultation!