About Carrie Thachuk


I have always enjoyed helping others with their decorating dilemmas, but it was not until a friend asked me to paint a child's tea table that I discovered my true passion for transforming pieces of furniture that others might consider junk, into one-of-a-kind, re-purposed treasures that breathe new life into a home.


"I love helping people make their homes beautiful. My goal is to help all who are passionate about their home create a place of peace and happiness."

I started down the entrepreneurial road by hunting for all sorts of beautiful furniture and accessories that I could paint and share with others. What began as an extended hobby where I sold my pieces at a two day Show & Sale, has blossomed into The Passionate Home, allowing me to share my love of vintage treasures with others, spend more time with my family and express my love for house and home.

Over the years my “job” has evolved from “hunting and gathering” to educating, encouraging and bringing value to others in everything we do.

 - Carrie