2017 Readers' Choice Awards!

Thank You!

All of us here on The Passionate Home Team would like to thank our customers and the readers of the Langley Times for considering us one of the top three finalists in two great categories! 
We really appreciate the recognition! 

Thank you!

Thank you!

"Carrie, along with all the staff at The Passionate Home would like to thank their customers, as well as the readers of the Langley Times for considering them as one of the top three finalists in three great categories!

'We are honoured, grateful and truly appreciative of your recognition!'"

Thanks also to the Langley Times for holding this fun and supportive event!

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A Trip to The Passionate Home by Anne Shetty

A wonderful interview from Vancouver blogger, Anne Shetty on August 12, 2014

 This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series.

This is my kind of Disneyland!  I am so glad I get to visit the store! At last! Thanks to my hubby who took me with him as he spoke at a meetup in Langley. And then, watched the kids for some ‘me’ time.. Hooray!

How did I find about The Passionate Home?

Before I even met Annie Sloan (just online.. lol), I developed a liking on upcycled, refurbished, reclaimed and repainted furniture so I’ve been looking at those on Pinterest, where I found the works of another blogger Kristy of the 4 The Love of Wood.  I was so happy to know that she is not too far!! The Passionate Home and Kristy are both from Langley, BC! Instantly, I know I wanted to meet them and see the store, ask them questions and know their stories. Kristy did a blog post about the store display of books she did for them.  Her photos mainly show the books but, my goodness.. it’s like a teaser! It made me want to see the whole store.. and finally, last Thursday, I did!

When I found about Annie Sloan (you can read the story in the beginning of this series), I learned that her paint, Chalk Paint® is only carried by select stockists.  I excitedly looked if there is one in Vancouver and luckily, there were even 2! The Passionate Home in Langley and Filmgo (which I have featured last June) in East Vancouver. How lucky are we here to have 2 stockists?!  Since then, I made it a goal to know about them. And I think, wherever I’ll go.. I would love to visit and chat with another stockist, see their shop and most of all know their story.

The Passionate Home has been in Downtown Langley for 8 years!  

Wow! Isn’t that amazing?! For me, she is living the dream! Doing what she loves, passionate about her craft and sharing it with others through her workshops! So, how did it all start for Carrie? She was doing daycare at the time when a mom handed her a tea table and asked if she can paint it for her daughter.. so, she did.. and that’s how it all started.  Little did she know that this is something she would enjoy doing.  She painted and painted until her garage is full of painted furniture! I can just imagine how much fun she is having to fill up her entire garage.  Then.. it is time to sell them.. She took them to White Rock and people are asking when she’ll be selling them again and thus, The Passionate Home is born!

Here’s my interview with Carrie about it’s history, the items they carry at the store, workshops and about Chalk Paint®.


 Inside The Passionate Home

For reclaimed furniture and vintage lovers, this is a must see!! And for those who wants to try painting furniture, this is a place where you get inspired (and get your paint of course)! I am sure you’ll be just as mesmerized like I was.  I can just keep walking and strolling all over the store for hours and hours for ideas and inspiration.  I definitely will be back for a girl’s day out with friends! The store is filled with one of a kind finds, a treasure indeed! The store also boasts items from local crafters like jewelry, soap and more, which I really like (let’s support local!). And of course, they carry Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan, paint brushes, her books, and most likely anything and everything you need to start painting. As a matter of fact, they are the first Annie Sloan stockist in all of BC!

The Passionate Home also offers great and interesting workshops too!

From Annie Sloan beginner classes, to upholstery (Yes! Yes! Yes!) and sign making, they got it all for you!

And of course, they have the Annie Sloan corner with all the paint, brushes and books!

Where to find them?

The Passionate Home is located in the quaint McBurney Lane area of Downtown Langley, British Columbia20506 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC V3A  4G2. You can give them a call at (604) 532-5931 for any inquiries.

You can also visit their website and order Chalk Paint® online at

Make sure you check their Facebook page for inspiration, updates, and promos! By the way, its inspiration month at The Passionate home this month and you get 10% off every can of paint you buy!

I hope you enjoyed this feature as much as I did!  Looking forward to more painting projects and inspiration!

Have you been wanting to try Chalk Paint®? Or have tried it? Share it and let’s all be inspired! Head over to the YVR Artisans group and share your work!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!


Langley Today | The Passionate Home Makes Air Waves

As seen on Langley Today on April 8, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.31.40 AM

In this age of DIY where TV personalities show us how to renovate and redecorate, where how-to books fill the shelves, and you can learn how to rewire the lights or fix the kitchen sink simply by watching a YouTube video, Carrie Thachuk, owner of The Passionate Home, has taken to the radio waves to give advice and share her tips on how to recreate those expensive looks all on your own.

“I have always been passionate about DIY,” states Thachuk. “It’s the reason I opened The Passionate Home. When we became Western Canada’s first stockist of Chalk Paint™decorative paint by Annie Sloan, refinishing virtually anything from a metal lawn chair to a solid wood buffet became that much easier.”

With over two years of experience learning the ins and outs of working with Chalk Paint™ under her belt, Thachuk loves to share her wealth of knowledge with the DIY community. “Sometimes starting out can be a little intimidating,” says Thachuk. “I want to help people get past that fear and experience the satisfaction that comes from creating something all on your own.”

In 2011, Thachuk and store manager, Elinor Hanschke, became British Columbia’s first certified Chalk Paint™ workshop instructors, and the duo began teaching workshops for Chalk Paint™ beginners in early 2012. “Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan is more than just paint,” reflects Hanschke, “It is a community of people learning together and inspiring others to create a space that is a true reflection of who they are. The possibilities with Chalk Paint™ are endless.”

With their classes regularly filling up weeks in advance, The Passionate Home has taken to the air waves and joined Tom Lucas, host of the Radio Real Estate Show on AM650. Airing every Saturday morning between 10am-11am, the show discusses all things real estate. With topics ranging from buying and selling your home to mortgages and financing, Carrie will add to the lineup by sharing her DIY tips and the answers to the questions they are most frequently asked in the store during a two to three minute segment each week.

After just a few minutes of listening to Thachuk over the radio waves, you’ll be inspired by her enthusiasm and you will find yourself scouring your home or your local thrift store for the perfect piece to refinish.

Established in 2003 and born from a love of breathing new life into old pieces, Carrie Thachuk and The Passionate Home provide clientele a whimsical mix of old and new. Follow Carrie’s design adventures through her blog at or through their Facebook page.
Reclaim. Restyle. Redecorate.

April 3, 2014 - DIY Expert Heard on Radio

As seen in The Langley Advance on April 3, 2014 by Roxanne Hooper

Speaking of McBurney Plaza, there’s some cool news about Passionate Home owner Carrie Thachuk. Her talents refurbishing furniture and decorating has earned her a weekly spot on the air waves – however brief. 

In this age of DIY, where TV personalities show us how to renovate and redecorate, where how-to-books fill the shelves, and people can learn how to rewire the lights or fix the kitchen sink simply by watching a YouTube video, Thachuk is excited to announce she’ll be sharing advise and tips on how to recreate those expensive looks all on their own via 650AM.

“I have always been passionate about DIY,” Thachuk said. “It’s the reason I opened the Passionate Home.”

The company grew out of her passion for breathing new life into old pieces, and given that talent and her distinction as a chalk painting expert, Thachuk is going to be joining Tom Lucas, the host of Radio Real Estate Show, every Saturday morning between 10 and 11 a.m.

The show discusses all things real estate, including topics such as buying and sharing her DIY tips and answering questions. And for only two or three minutes during each of the weekend shows, Thachuk will be inspiring and encouraging people to scour their homes and local thrift stores and garage sales for those perfect pieces to refinish.

“Sometimes starting out can be a little intimidating,” she said. “I want to help people get past that fear and experience the satisfaction that comes from creating something all on your own.”

Check Thachuk on the air waves this Saturday, or visit her store in McBurney Lane in downtown Langley City.


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