Sharing my Family Trip to Annie Sloan's Shop

Come with me on a visual trip to Oxford England, and visit my friend, Annie Sloan…recently my family made the very long journey to London, England, found a map, found a bus and made our way to Annie Sloan’s shop. We followed a narrow road and came upon a small sign board simply stating: "The Annie Sloan Shop”. The outside of the building was painted completely white, which I later found out was due to the age of the building and it was in the process of getting a facelift and would soon be painted in Anties Green…Well of course it is! I took a deep breath and walked into this quaint space…walk with me.

She has a small room filled with bolts of all her beautiful fabrics, of most can be special ordered at The Passionate Home, so be sure to ask to see the fabric samples the next time you are in.

Did you know that we also carry the complete set of Annie Sloan's candles and diffusers, pictured above, named after all her paint colours!


Lets walk together into the back room of Annie Sloan's shop… does it not look so wonderful and just full of treasures?

WOW…check out all of Annie’s brushes, not sure about you but I was slightly jealous!

I took this photo for our home décor consultant Mark as he loves Florence and it looks like Annie does too!

Love how Annie bundles up all her end cuts of her beautiful fabrics. I had to bring some of these home for the girls!


Lets go upstairs…all painted in Annie Sloane colours, of course!


Picture of art on wall – It is art week here in Oxford WOW

Since no one was up here I tried out the desk…LOL

Back downstairs is a small room just filled with a rainbow of Chalk Paint™ colours. It is here that I first saw the white and black wax…soon to be arriving at The Passionate Home!!!


Across from the paint was this gorgeous display of brushes and rollers, that we do carry at The Passionate Home.


Annie had a mixing station for people to come in and mix their own colours, it is here that we left our mark!


My kids kept asking me how I was feeling being here at Annie’s shop where it all started and I really could not believe I was actually here and that in an hour we would be meeting with Annie in her warehouse…Thank you for joining me and stay tuned to Part 2 Annie's warehouse!

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