Love was my inspiration for PILLOW TALK Sweet Dreams Little One. A collection of 30 special little love notes for your children. I created these cards because one evening I was treated to a special little note from my son, tucked under my pillow. It truly made my heart swell with love. What an amazing feeling to feel at the end of a busy day. My thought is that everyone should be this lucky to end their day with this inner glow, especailly children. Each night leave a special love note on your child's pillow. These cards are convenient and personal, encouraging communication and connection for parents with busy lifestyles. PILLOW TALK Sweet Dreams Little One...providing love and encouragement at the end of the day.

PILLOW TALK Sweet Dreams Little One comes in a reusable cream linen bag and can be purchased through The Passionate Home website. Stay tuned for more collections For Her, For Him, The Lunch Box Collection and Live you Passion Cards!

Meet My Kids!

Someone once asked me, what is my definition of success? My answer was that my kids grow up to be happy, confident, honest, contributing members of society. That they be the best that they can be, believe in themselves, dream BIG and live with purpose and passion!
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