Carrie's Front Door Makeover

Painting your front door with Chalk Paint™ is an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a new look and update!

Carrie uses Graphite Chalk Paint™ in the video below:

 Annie Sloan has a new UV protective Lacquer that is great for your front door. 

Carrie shares her experiences:

Inspired to paint your front door? Come see us at TPH or start shopping Chalk Paint™ right now HERE

Cottage Comfort

This outdoor space, painted by Annie Sloan Dutch Stockist Saense Sjans, is a brilliant image to help explain when to Lacquer and when to Leave! So: the walls, ceiling, rafters, and posts have been painted with Chalk Paint™ and left unsealed. These surfaces are all wooden and porous so absorb the paint well – as does brick or stone. They also aren’t regularly touched or cleaned with abrasive chemicals. The cabinets at the far end have been painted with a custom Chalk Paint™ mix (but it’s very similar to Svenska Blue if you’d like to emulate the look but aren’t confident with colour mixing). These have been lacquered, as have the table and bench. MA good rule of thumb is: garden furniture should be lacquered to protect or things with standing surfaces that water could pool on; walls, sheds, or structural details can be painted with Chalk Paint™ and left unsealed.

Shop Chalk Paint™ and Lacquer HERE

Have a look below for some inspiring PAINT ideas and then come into the store for your Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan!

Happy Cottaging!

Use Chalk Paint™ on wicker, wood and floors!

Thrift Store Bench Makeover

We have teamed up with Mission Thrift Store in Langley once again! We wanted to show you what you can do with a thrift store find!  It's great for the environment and you will create something very unique in the process!

The Mission Thrift Store gave us this bench that was available at their store to show how you can transform it. We love to up-cycle with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan available here in the shop! 

How would you recreate this piece?

We decided to strip off the upholstery. It was damaged so it had to be done.

We took off the foam and pulled the staples to start to create the "deconstructed look".

The frame is solid wood and so sturdy! 

First we painted a coat of Old White Chalk Paint™.

We didn't worry so much about covering it completely because we want to layer another colour on top. We create lots of texture while painting so when we distress it after, the white would show through.

French Linen Chalk Paint™ was applied on top. Once dry it was sanded and distressed to show some white and some of the original wood.

We sealed the piece with Clear and Dark Chalk Paint™ Wax.

The seat was upholstered in a natural linen fabric that works perfectly.

This seat just unscrewed from the bench frame which makes it a perfect piece for our Basic Upholstery Workshop. Are you looking to learn this skill? 

See information and register HERE

The finished piece is just gorgeous don't you agree?!


This Thrilling piece is now for sale in our store!

If you have any questions, come into the shop as we love to help.

Feel free to bring pictures of the project you have in mind too!

See you soon! 

Shop all our Chalk Paint™ HERE

A Beautiful Story Pop-Up Workshop

After a successful Chalk Paint™ Rescue we are excited to team up again with Mission Thrift Store in Langley for a Chalk Paint™ Workshop.

or register on our website HERE

Do you have a somewhere you would like to see us pop-up at? Let us know and email Carrie at

We hope to see you there!

Reasons to Love Linen and Cotton Bedding

The Advantages of Pure Linen Bedding:

– Because of its unique filtering, bacteria resistant, ventilating, moisture absorbing and evaporating capabilities, linen bed sheets are known as anti-allergic, recommended for people with skin diseases, also for children.

 Linen Fabric has a light massaging effect because of the microscopic breaks throughout the fabric.

– Linen has high air permeability and heat conductivity properties – that means, it is a breathable fabric – makes you warm in the winter and keeps cool in the summer.

– Linen can absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet… thus, always having a pleasant, fresh, cool feeling when touched or slept on.

– It is anti-static and can even help soften and preserve the skin due to its natural pH balance.

– Linen actually repels dirt.

– It is environmentally friendly – all the flax used to make linen is used in other ways – the seeds are pressed to make linseed oil which is used in floor coverings, such as linoleum, and paint. Linen is a renewable resource and it needs no irrigation. Linen is also fully biodegradable.


So why choose Cotton bedding? It has some similarities to Linen...

1. It's breathable

Cotton is a pure, natural material, and this means that when woven into a bedding set it makes the fabric breathable. Every night your body temperature changes as you fall asleep. This often results in waking up hot, sticky, and desperate for some cool air.

Brilliantly, cotton will absorb the heat from your body throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool and dry (studies show we sweat a pint of perspiration each night – yuk!). As well as keeping you cool in the summer, cotton bedding will keep you warm throughout winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat. If you’re sleeping in man-made materials, like polyester, they’ll absorb your body heat, rather than naturally ventilating, so the fabric will retain your heat, and you’ll struggle to cool down.

2. Soft on your skin

There’s no better feeling than hopping into fresh, clean, cotton.

If you suffer with sensitive skin then you’ll want to avoid irritating it throughout the night as much as possible. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so has limited association with any allergies, and won’t cause any irritation or itchiness, improving your quality of sleep.

3. It lasts much longer

As well as benefiting your quality of sleep, buying cotton bedding could save you some pennies in the long run. A natural cotton bedding set can last almost twice as long as any man-made alternative, so you won’t need to replace it as frequently.

4. It's low maintenance

There seems to be a myth floating around that cotton is a lot of work. It is not. There’s no hand washing, drying or hours of ironing. There’s no need for any fancy detergents, and you can even pop it in the tumble dryer (stick to a low temperature). Take it out when it’s still slightly damp and dry flat, this will help with reducing how much ironing it needs.

Give your bed a treat and try some cotton or linen bedding, we promise you’ll love it. 


Pop-Up Rescue at World Serve Thrift Store in White Rock

Our latest “Chalk Paint™️ Rescue” at the World Serve Thrift Store in White Rock was so much fun! Not to mention that up-cycling is so good for the environment!

Over 2 hours we painted, distressed, waxed, answered question, gave hands on training and inspired a crowd of people to get creative.

We created a custom mix colour of Louis Blue and Duck Egg Chalk Paint™ and sealed it with Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax.

As for this dresser... it came down to a bidding war but it is SOLD and going to a good home!

We love partnering in the community, teaching people how easy it is to use Chalk Paint™ to upcycle a thrift store find!

If you have somewhere you would like to see us "Pop-Up" contact us directly.

Watch our Facebook or Instagram Pages for our next "POP-UP RESCUE"

Best tips for how to hang a picture like a pro.

1. Decide on a strategy. The weight, size, and shape of the item you're hanging and the material of your walls both need to be considered before you so much as get near a hammer. Can I drill into brick? What about tile? Will my plaster walls hold anything and what the heck is a stud? 

2. Hang the thing. Yes, there is a semi-science to the art of getting the height of a piece just right—it's called measuring. To be exact, the center of a framed piece of artwork should be 57 inches above the ground (that being the average human eye level, and the height galleries and museums use to decide where to hang pieces). Mark that height using a pencil, then measure to find the middle of the wall (from side to side), and mark where the two points meet. That's where the middle of your artwork should go! 

3. Decide if you are hanging one piece or going for a gallery wall look. Lay your framed art on the floor, then snap a photo of the final arrangement to refer to when hanging the art on the wall. Leave the same amount of space between frames so that the installation doesn’t appear messy — 2 inches is a good starting point. Too much space (more than 5 inches) or uneven space between frames can make the arrangement come off as haphazard. 

If you're not up for hammers and nails, just lean it. The easiest way to display art is also best for anyone who is afraid of putting nail holes in the wall: lean the frame against the wall, or on top of a piece of furniture, or on a shelf somewhere.

If you're always re-arranging, consider a picture shelf. If you're into the whole leaning thing and want to formalize a place for such activity, consider adding a shallow picture shelf in one of your rooms. It's a perfect solution for those with constantly changing styles (or the rearrangement bug).

...Or a picture rail. If you're into the idea of sparing your precious walls from holes but want a more formal look than leaning, consider a picture rail: a sliver of molding that goes up near the ceiling, from which you can hang your art on hooks and strings—and then change it out whenever you feel like it.

Leave some pieces unframed. Maybe you've collected some of those paintings on boards from the flea market—lovely peeling edges and all—and want to preserve some of that charm without paying for a fancy floating frame. Or maybe you just want to hang up wispy paper drawings and call it a day? Leaving certain artworks unframed is completely fine, even encouraged. Just tack them up without fanfare.

Make sure you come in and see our huge collection of art here in the shop!

Get Hanging!

Our Breakfast at Tiffany's Event

Breakfast at Tiffany's

We would like to thank everyone for attending our Breakfast at Tiffany's Event. We had so much fun we are thinking that this should be an annual event!



 In celebration of moms and ladies everywhere!


Thank you Forever Your Lingerie for answering all our bra questions and the fabulous swag and prizes!



Thank you to The Bouquet Bar for bringing your beautiful flowers!

Black Orchid Hair Studio, thank you for the wonderful samples in our swag bags and for the amazing door prize!

Also to All of Oils for the yummy samples and some great swag and prizes!



Thank you to Sid Dickens for giving not one but two Memory Blocks to some very excited ladies!

Thanks again to all of our community contributors:

Forever Yours Lingerie 
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All of Oils 
Sid Dickens
Fraser Valley Cider Company
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Thank you to our wonderful customers for your continued support!

Happy Mother's Day to all! 




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