Ombre by Christina of The Reclaimed Heirloom

Meet Christina from The Reclaimed Heirloom. She is a fantastic painter and she uses Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan!

She agreed to come in and show us how she does her Ombre Paint Technique!

We gave her this tall lingerie dresser to work her magic on:

Here we go...😀


She started with Honfleur and moved into Amsterdam Green


At the top she worked into Cream. To keep the paint wet so she was able to blend, she kept misting it with a spray bottle.

Christina was kind enough to show us two methods to Ombre. 

She stippled the colours here to blend.

It looks like a beautiful landscape painting!

Christina has taken the dresser home to complete. We can't wait to see the final product! Come in today to take ombre or any Chalk Paint™ technique with us!

Check out Christina's YouTube Channel with lots of how to videos!

Click Here To SEE

See you soon!

Another Fantastic BYOP Workshop Day!

This BYOP Workshop was incredible as these ladies where so open to learning new techniques and they had such great positive energy!


This sweet piece comes with some great history. She was painted in Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint ™ by Annie Sloan and Clear Waxed.



AFTER: Chalk Paint ™ in Original with a Country Grey Wash followed by Clear Wax. Some new pulls = happiness!


before above....

AFTER: Classic Graphite for this sweet boy and just Black Wax...this was her first Chalk Paint ™ project ever and we think she did great!

We hope this inspires you to pick up the brush and get started!

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Inspiration Month Chalk Paint™ Rescue

Check out the transformation that took place at our free

Chalk Paint™️ Rescue Demo here at TPH.


We sanded the top to expose the raw wood. We will use Dark Chalk Paint™ wax on the top to give it a "stained look".

Candice painted the dresser body with a custom Chalk Paint™ mix including Napoleonic Blue, Graphite and Aubusson Blue.


The paint was sealed with Clear then Dark Chalk Paint™ Wax. Candice even added a bit of Warm Gold Gilding Wax for a bit of sparkle!

Thank you everyone who joined us. We are so glad you found value and that your creativity was re-ignited.

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Bring in Your Own Piece Workshop Results

In celebration of INSPIRATION MONTH we are offering Our BYOP Workshop at half price!

Take a look at the first groups creativity.
Jennifer used Annie's Dark Wax to refresh the top and used Old Ochre with Clear Wax on the base. This was her first Chalk Paint ™ project and we think she did an amazing job! Thank you Jennifer!
Kathy came with an idea and we worked together to update her bedside table using Coco Chalk Paint™ with Clear and Black wax. She also tried her hand at stenciling and did a great job! Thank you!
How pretty is Tilton!! We freshened up the top with Dark wax and painted Tilton with Clear and Dark Wax on the base. We also added a new knob which brought it all together...not bad for a first timer!!
Stephanie picked a custom mix for her first Chalk Paint ™ project "Living Coral" distressing back to the original white followed by Clear Wax...We thought it was pretty before but now we LOVE it! Thank you!
These ladies did an amazing job using Chalk Paint™️ by Annie Sloan.
For our next available BYOP dates click HERE

See you in the shop soon!


August Is Our Annual Inspiration Month!

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Come meet Christina from The Reclaimed Heirloom! She will DEMONSTRATE how to do her beautiful Ombre Finish!


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Happy Painting!

Carrie's Front Door Makeover

Painting your front door with Chalk Paint™ is an easy and inexpensive way to give your home a new look and update!

Carrie uses Graphite Chalk Paint™ in the video below:

 Annie Sloan has a new UV protective Lacquer that is great for your front door. 

Carrie shares her experiences:

Inspired to paint your front door? Come see us at TPH or start shopping Chalk Paint™ right now HERE

Cottage Comfort

This outdoor space, painted by Annie Sloan Dutch Stockist Saense Sjans, is a brilliant image to help explain when to Lacquer and when to Leave! So: the walls, ceiling, rafters, and posts have been painted with Chalk Paint™ and left unsealed. These surfaces are all wooden and porous so absorb the paint well – as does brick or stone. They also aren’t regularly touched or cleaned with abrasive chemicals. The cabinets at the far end have been painted with a custom Chalk Paint™ mix (but it’s very similar to Svenska Blue if you’d like to emulate the look but aren’t confident with colour mixing). These have been lacquered, as have the table and bench. MA good rule of thumb is: garden furniture should be lacquered to protect or things with standing surfaces that water could pool on; walls, sheds, or structural details can be painted with Chalk Paint™ and left unsealed.

Shop Chalk Paint™ and Lacquer HERE

Have a look below for some inspiring PAINT ideas and then come into the store for your Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan!

Happy Cottaging!

Use Chalk Paint™ on wicker, wood and floors!

Thrift Store Bench Makeover

We have teamed up with Mission Thrift Store in Langley once again! We wanted to show you what you can do with a thrift store find!  It's great for the environment and you will create something very unique in the process!

The Mission Thrift Store gave us this bench that was available at their store to show how you can transform it. We love to up-cycle with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan available here in the shop! 

How would you recreate this piece?

We decided to strip off the upholstery. It was damaged so it had to be done.

We took off the foam and pulled the staples to start to create the "deconstructed look".

The frame is solid wood and so sturdy! 

First we painted a coat of Old White Chalk Paint™.

We didn't worry so much about covering it completely because we want to layer another colour on top. We create lots of texture while painting so when we distress it after, the white would show through.

French Linen Chalk Paint™ was applied on top. Once dry it was sanded and distressed to show some white and some of the original wood.

We sealed the piece with Clear and Dark Chalk Paint™ Wax.

The seat was upholstered in a natural linen fabric that works perfectly.

This seat just unscrewed from the bench frame which makes it a perfect piece for our Basic Upholstery Workshop. Are you looking to learn this skill? 

See information and register HERE

The finished piece is just gorgeous don't you agree?!


This Thrilling piece is now for sale in our store!

If you have any questions, come into the shop as we love to help.

Feel free to bring pictures of the project you have in mind too!

See you soon! 

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A Beautiful Story Pop-Up Workshop

After a successful Chalk Paint™ Rescue we are excited to team up again with Mission Thrift Store in Langley for a Chalk Paint™ Workshop.

or register on our website HERE

Do you have a somewhere you would like to see us pop-up at? Let us know and email Carrie at

We hope to see you there!

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