Who is IOD? DO you know?

IOD or Iron Orchid Designs

The first thing you need to know is that Candice is our IOD specialist! Once a month, Candice goes LIVE for Iron Orchid Designs on their Facebook page. Set your clock for her next LIVE this Thursday, March 9th at 1:00pm.

Candice's video's are at 1:00pm on the second Thursday of the month. She creates something beautiful stepping you though all the steps along the way.

If you missed one of her videos, you can find them again on our Youtube page HERE or our TPH TV on our website HERE. They also will be on IOD's and our Facebook pages.

Here are Candice's 2 latest videos at your fingertips...

Who is Iron Orchid Designs:

We are sisters who grew up with parents who were hippies and sellers, upcyclers and life figure-it-outers. They taught us to be resilient and resourceful. They taught us how to be artists. They taught us that there is hardship and joy woven together into every person’s tapestry that can be expressed through creativity.

Most of all they taught us what it means to not be perfect. How to ask for forgiveness and how to give it.

There is a strength in the vulnerability it takes to be truly and wholly seen despite our imperfections. This is where we get our name Iron Orchid and it is core to who we are.


1. Everyone is creative and created to be so by the Creator himself.

2. The ability to take something discarded and make it beautiful is a gift.

3. If something is worth making, it’s worth making beautifully.

4. Failure is a lovely part of the process, embrace it and look for happy accidents.

5. Like blue jeans vintage never goes out of style.

6. Handmade is always better and imperfections make it perfect.

Since launching in January of 2016, Josie and Sally have been blessed by the overwhelming popularity of their DIY Lifestyle Product line including Stamps, Transfers, Paint Inlays, Moulds and more all available here at The Passionate Home.

See all Transfers HERE
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The Idea Ladies - Paint Inlay

People will be asking, did you hand paint that? Watch The Idea Ladies and learn what a Paint Inlay is and how they work.❤️

Carrie and Jeannine are LIVE every Friday, on Facebook at 9:30am, as they share ideas on how to create a beautiful life and inspire you to try something new.

Charlie Paige Arrivals

Make sure you are stopping by!

With the pink and white denim jackets and pretty blouse came a gorgeous long black maxi dress, long sleeve thin cardi, perfect for Spring when it arrives and more!

See some of our fashion HERE

Take a Workshop!

Come take a workshop here at the shop and learn a new skill. Try decoupage, or image transfers, air dry clay, or up your Chalk Paint™ skills.

See what's available HERE

Store Hours

Tuesday to Saturday

10 am -5 pm

We are closed Sundays, Mondays and all Statutory Holidays.

20528 Fraser Hwy. Langley 604.532.5931


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