Featured in Stimuli Magazine: The Story of The Passionate Home

We're proud to announce that Carrie will be a regular contributor for Stimuli Magazine!

We're so grateful to the Stimuli team for sharing Carrie's story about the how The Passionate Home to be. We wanted to share a little excerpt for you here.

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The Journey: The Passionate Home

It all started with a tea table and then I had to save my marriage! Yup, some things can just get out of hand and that is just what happened to me one afternoon when I entered into my garage with a small square oak table, a handful of dollar store paints and a paint brush!

So let me just back up a bit.

Our good friends had just had a baby girl, it was 2002 and I had just taken a One Stroke painting class where you learn how to paint bird’s nests, flowers, and that sort of thing. They had asked if I would like to practice my new craft on an old table they had. I could make baby Kate a tea table for her room, so of course I jumped at the chance to be an artist.

I went right to work. I remember like it was yesterday, entering the garage with my paints and my samples that I had created in class. The next thing I remember is standing up and looking down and thinking WOW…I did that??

My focused face broke into a wild smile and my eyes started scanning around the garage for my next project! My next masterpiece! I like to call that my “aha” moment (Just like Oprah!!)

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