Interior Decorating: Stimuli Magazine Offices

We're very excited to have had the opportunity to decorating the new offices of Stimuli, a lifestyle magazine based in the Fraser Valley. We've been waiting with bated breath to be able to reveal the "after" photos and with the release of their fall print edition, we can. Here's the story in full:   When it was time for Stimuli to find a new home, the search took several months. With a specific location in mind, Editor-in- Chief, Maryanne Lechleiter, scoured the downtown core of Langley, B.C., until she found the perfect space for the growing team.




Photo Credit: Darryl Bueckert

  Not wanting to invest in extensive renovations, this just under 500 square foot, two room space was almost move-in ready, save for the dreary wall colour and less than welcoming windows. With a deadline looming and a tight budget, Maryanne called on the decorating team of Carrie Thachuk and Mark Braun from The Passionate Home. Tasked with transforming the dark rooms into a functional work space that was anything but a typical office, the duo relied on their knack for mixing old and new with big box buys and thrift store finds. “Maryanne had a few pieces of furniture from her previous space,” reflects Carrie. “We looked at what she already had and added pieces that were both functional and comfortable.”


OFFICE_RENO2Photo Credit: Darryl Bueckert


One of the biggest challenges was creating a “kitchen” area within the main office space. “The open shelving does double duty,” says Mark. “It’s both a design element and functional storage for dishware and other necessities. By layering different objects together we were able to add texture to the space.” The cabinet is a thrift store buy that got a new lease on life with a coat of Chalk PaintTM decorative paint by Annie Sloan. “It was about giving our team a space that inspires creativity,” says Maryanne. “Carrie and Mark took my random Pinterest inspiration board and brought it to life. It’s so perfectly us.”



Photo Credit: Darryl Bueckert



office-reno7Photo Credit: Darryl Bueckert


office-reno6Photo Credit: Darryl Bueckert



If your home, office or commercial space is in need of redecorating, please call us to book your FREE consultation. Learn more about our decorating services here.


Retail Store Clerk

Full and part-time positions available

Join-us-were-hiring-1080x675You are passionate about home décor and helping people create a home that makes them happy and reflects who they are. You are an avid DIYer and you LOVE Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan. You are creative, organized and you’ve dreamed about a position where you can share your knowledge and creativity with others. You are a master multi-tasker with past retail experience. You work easily as part of a team, have excellent customer service skills and are detail oriented. You are able to lift and move pieces of furniture and have a flair for merchandising. You’re looking for a flexible schedule and are available both weekdays and weekends and are comfortable in a dog friendly environment. If this sounds like the job you’ve been looking for, then we’d love to hear from you.  Please submit a resume with cover letter, either via email or in the store to: Carrie Thachuk Please, no phone calls.


We can hardly believe we're already halfway through 2015 - this year is flying by! August is one of our favourite months at The Passionate Home because it is INSPIRATION MONTH, the celebration of our anniversary of becoming a stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan. This year is even more special as we're in our new location just across McBurney Plaza from our old store. Throughout the month we'll be sharing special tips and inspiration as well as hosting weekly giveaways and special offers. All 32oz cans of Chalk Paint™ are 10% off in August and our Loyalty Card that's issued just in the month of August will be available with your purchase of a can of paint. Also, don't forget to share your inspiration and creative projects with the #MadeItMyOwn campaign hosted by Annie Sloan. Let's make August 2015 our most inspiring month yet! See you Soon.


Made It My Own with Annie Sloan


There are many reasons we became B.C.'s first Stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan, but at the top of the list was (and still is) the opportunity to partner with a brand that has the same goal as we do: to share ideas and inspiration that help people transform their homes into a place of peace and happiness.  


Just as we do, Annie loves seeing what people all around the world have created with Chalk Paint™ and has just launched a new online gallery, Made it My own (it’s kind of Pinterest-like) where everyone can share their real life examples of what can be achieved with a brush of paint and dab of wax.  

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.58.03 PM  

To celebrate the launch of this new inspirational gallery, Annie is hosting a contest where you could win $100’s of dollars in Annie Sloan prizes. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Visit our store and pick up one of the photo frames (or you can print it out here)
  2. Hold the frame in front of your project
  3. Take photos and share on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MadeItMyOwn

You can also upload your photo directly to the gallery at  


The contest is open until September 30th with two draws happening, one on August 31st and one on September 30th. Have fun and share your inspiration and be inspired by other!

Sid Dickens

SId-Dickens-in-his-studio  About Sid Dickens Memory Tiles (from Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques.  Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life. As art, they strike a perfect balance between intrigue and artistic appreciation.  Our admirers recognize the many careful steps taken to bring a Memory Block from Sid’s early vision to its place on your wall.  Carefully handcrafted from start to finish in our Vancouver studio, each Memory Block undergoes a unique process in the hands of numerous highly skilled and specialized artists. We use traditional raw materials and a variety of artistic techniques.  Our insistence of organic-based materials and our mandate to maintain a safe environment keeps our studio as a pleasant place to work and make art. Many love Memory Blocks because the quality of each tile is unmatched.  Every tile shows our pride of workmanship.  We use only the highest grade material all of which are subjected to in-depth experimentation before final selection to ensure the optimum finished tile. Perhaps a more apparent reason for Memory Blocks finding a place in so many lives is that, while uniquely individual, they allow us to share the stories that define us in a visual way.  Their beauty aside, they enrich our lives by connecting us to each other, igniting our self-expression and bringing a connection to our memories to our living spaces. How They're Made

Memory Blocks are hand crafted plaster, 6" x 8" x 1 1/4", finished to a porcelain-like quality, cracked to create an aged look and feel.

They are produced by a group of 30 emerging artists in Sid’s studio space in Vancouver, Canada.  Each Memory Block is made from hand-poured plaster.   Each tile is hand-painted by our artists who also apply different finishes, including silver and gold leafing.  Memory Blocks are then hand-stained to ensure the consistency of style through the different tiles.

We consider each Memory Block a piece of art. Each block passes through the hands of as many as five different artists who each add their unique skills to the creation process.   While there are many copies on the market that have the look of being mass produced, Sid Dickens Memory Block tiles are made individually and each tile requires hours of work to create.  Their style, the attached meaning and the creation process make each Memory Block an individual collectible treasure.

Lampe Berger

ESSENTIELLE It was in 1898 , that the amazing Lampe Berger story started. In response to a major preoccupation at that time - a sepsis in hospitals - Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, invented a system of diffusion by catalysis, for which he filed a patent. This revolutionary technology, which purifies the air in enclosed rooms, was soon to be applied for private use , giving birth to the Lampe Berger company. The little lamp which destroys bad smells saw its apogee during the1930s: fragrance provided the dimension of pleasure; the Lampe Berger became a collector’s item, each lamp being associated with a designer and major manufacturer such as Cristal de Baccarat, Cristalleries de Saint Louis, Emile Gallé, René Lalique, and then the top porcelain producers of the 1950s… Coco Chanel, Jean Cocteau, Colette or Picasso each had their own Lampe Berger. A company which, since then, has always continued to develop and reinvent itself in order to be more than ever present for people living in the 21st century. As beautiful as it is useful for exhaling a cleaner and more fragrant air, the Lampe Berger is available in an incredible variety of styles, designs and materials in order to meet every individual’s desires… The collection today is made up of around a hundred wonderful lamps. LAMPE BERGER perfectly captures all these moments of our lives to form a symphony of aromas. Warm notes, fresh floral, sublime sparkle, exotic scents, and enlivening, amber tones. The Lampe Berger fragrance range is as wide as your imagination takes you.

It All Starts with Inspiration

All it takes is a little inspiration and some Chalk Paint™! We're excited to share with you the first look INSIDE our new location and thanks to Kristy from 4 the love of WOOD we have the most amazing sink for our new workshop area. You'd never guess that it started out looking like this...  

SinkBefore Sink7 And then Kristy found this photo and got all inspired! Photo 2015-06-15, 1 26 34 PM Here's how it looks in the new space. We can't wait until you see it in person. Stay tuned for our opening date at the end of the month. SinkInstalled4 SinkInstalled3 For a step by step look at Kristy's process, visit her blog post here.

Painting a Bannister with Chalk Paint

Last week I shared some of my long weekend Chalk Paint™ projects including how to dye fabric and even paint shoes! This week it's all about my banister. When it comes to staircases, I have always loved the look of white spindles with a black banister and though it took me a long time to complete this project, I am so happy with the results. I did have to do some prep for this as many years ago I painted a latex base paint over an oil base paint and it did not stick so, I had some sanding to do, but once the dust had cleared…it was on to the fun of using Chalk Paint™ to turn my dream into a reality.

bannister2 To

get just the right coverage I used two coats of Graphite and one coat of dark wax. I had to pay special attention to one area because I discovered that my ring would always hit the same place as I was descending the stairs (and here I thought my kids would be the problem).


The solution? I have decided to distress that area slightly so I won't have to worry too much about the daily ups and downs with a dog and two teenagers.


One of the reasons it took me so long to complete this DIY project (even though one runs into the other in my home) is because after I painted the bottom half of the banister  Farrow and Ball paint went on sale across from us in McBurney Plaza and I couldn't resist taking home two gallons of Pointing (white) to paint the hallway! Ok, maybe I see what my husband is complaining about!! But at the end of the day, I love the white walls and black banister and we all know a happy wife makes for a happy life!

banister4 If

you're not quite sure where to start just pop by the store and we'll help you out. If you live out of town and don't have a Chalk Paint™ stockist nearby, you can order right from The Passionate Home online. Creativity is just a click away! shop online the passionate home

Carrie's Long Weekend Chalk Paint™ Projects

I love long weekends! They're the perfect time to work on ALL my Chalk Paint™ projects. I was a busy gal this weekend; here's what I did: I finished painted the stair railing in the hallway and just have to wax it. I'll be blogging about that later this week. I painted my chaise lounge chair in French Linen and I'm having the top cushions upholstered in a beautiful french fabric for my office in our new location…everyone needs a chaise in their office for those late nights.


My husband built a new step out of plywood for the step outside our backdoor and I painted it with two coats of Primer Red.  It looks so good, I think I am going to paint our garden gate in the same colour

primer_red_stair primer_red_stair_before_after One of the projects I was most excited about was dying these ruffled canvas bags I found some time ago for the store with BIG plans to dye them chalk paint colours and sell them in the store. Well…this weekend was just perfect for this while I moved from one project to another!


I mixed water and Florence into a bucket and in the bag went…30 minutes later it was hanging under the grape vines in the sun and looking marvolous and I was feeling pretty proud - just like when I dyed my nana’s table cover, it was truly amazing to see!


Once the bag was dry, I tossed it in the dryer to soften it up and then….I tossed it in the washer to see what would happen and it came out so beautiful!  I can not wait to dye another one!!


My daughter loved the Florence colour so much, we tossed her shoes in too!


If you're interested in dying fabric but aren't quite sure where to start, Annie Sloan's book Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture has step-by-step instructions. It's available in our store and online for $28.95.


Coming Soon: Sid Dickens and Lampe Berge

There are so many amazing things happening now that we've made the big decision to move locations right across McBurney Plaza in Downtown Langley. Our new location is over double the size of our current one and we have some very exciting things planned. With the increase in space has come the opportunity to carry two extremely popular brands and we're thrilled to tell you that we will be the new retailers for Sid Dickens blocks and Lampe Berger home fragrances.

Sid Dickens is world-renowned Vancouver artist that has a cult-like following. Handmaking memory block since 1994, each collection speaks volumes and "captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting collectible art for modern life."

Sid dickens memory blocks

Created in France in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, Lampe Berger is more than just a home fragrance, it literally purifies the air while it burns. It is the perfect combination of practical and beauty: the pleasure of a wonderful scent and the pleasing aesthetic of a beautifully designed dispenser. With over 5 million litres of fragrances and 800,000 lamps sold every year around the world, Lampe Berger is still a huge success, over a century after it was invented. lampe-berger-cat Stay tuned to our Facebook page and blog for updates on our big move!

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