On My Mind: Canada Day

I would like to share one of my Nana's poems in honour of Canada Day and our celebration of this great country we share!


Canada, the land of my birth
One of the greatest countries on earth
I know that I shall never cease
To be grateful for this land of peace

This country of beauty beyond compare
Is truly endowed with riches rare
Provinces with a wealth of oil
Streams full of fish and fertile soil
Minerals and forests and fields of grain
Spread across this vast domain

In times of war Canada does her part
Defending the country right from the start
But has compassion for countries in need
And in peace-keeping always taking the lead
A country respected far and wide
A country deserving of our pride

How blessed I was to see my first light
In a country that always stands for the right
Whenever the Maple Leaf flag is unfurled
I salute this great country of the world.

M. Whitley 1999

My nana Marion Whitley,
October 1910 - January 2016

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