Ombre by Christina of The Reclaimed Heirloom

Meet Christina from The Reclaimed Heirloom. She is a fantastic painter and she uses Chalk Paintâ„¢ by Annie Sloan!

She agreed to come in and show us how she does her Ombre Paint Technique!

We gave her this tall lingerie dresser to work her magic on:

Here we go...😀


She started with Honfleur and moved into Amsterdam Green


At the top she worked into Cream. To keep the paint wet so she was able to blend, she kept misting it with a spray bottle.

Christina was kind enough to show us two methods to Ombre. 

She stippled the colours here to blend.

It looks like a beautiful landscape painting!

Christina has taken the dresser home to complete. We can't wait to see the final product! Come in today to take ombre or any Chalk Paint™ technique with us!

Check out Christina's YouTube Channel with lots of how to videos!

Click Here To SEE

See you soon!