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Newsletter: October 5th, Falling In LOVE With Chalk Paint™

CONTEST ALERT! #chalkpaintlove

Win a "Creativity Inspiring Mystery Bag" full of goodies!
Langley City LOVES Chalk Paint™!
1.Take a picture of your Chalk Paint™ can in your Neighbourhood or Community.
2. Post it on Facebook or Instagram (make it public)
3. Hashtag it like this: #chalkpaintlove
and your neighbourhood like this: #LangleyCity
4. You are entered to win our "Mystery Bag" of product

5. Extra Bonus: Tell us why you love Chalk Paint™!

Why Carrie LOVES Chalk Paint™

Chalk Paint™ gives you immediate gratification! It's so easy. For me, it's a bit of a holiday. It feeds my soul. We have heard lots of people say it's their therapy.

Why Jeannine LOVES Chalk Paint™

The most versatile paint of all times! It sticks to EVERYTHING!
The best thing about Chalk Paint™ is that you can just throw away the sandpaper & primer & skip the very tiring prep part. This is because for, Chalk Paint™, all you need is a clean surface. So just wipe it clean, and you are ready to paint. 
Make sure you are following us
for more reasons to Love Chalk Paint™ all month long!

Candice's Rainy Day Project

The rain is coming...
Watch each week this month as Candice creates a fun and easy project to do on a rainy day.

The best part... Buy this bundle and save 10% off each item!
Check our social media for a little video of the steps Candice took to finish this.


It's time to welcome the "shacket" into your wardrobe this season. For those not familiar with the term, a shacket is essentially a slightly oversize shirt-jacket hybrid that’s currently blowing up our Insta feeds!

Create A Beautiful Life Video Series:

Carrie and Jeannine are talking all about WAX!
Chalk Paint™️ Wax is what we finish 90% of our projects with. Today The Idea Ladies share all tips and tricks for not only finishing your painted projects but using them on raw wood as well. Learn when and how to use each of the 4 colours as well as use it in unconventional ways.
Everything Chalk Paint™ Wax
Create a Beautiful Life with Carrie and Jeannine every Friday morning LIVE ON INSTAGRAM at 9:30 AM.
Did you hear???
It's not in Canada yet... but we are super excited about this new Annie Sloan Wall Paint!!
There will be 32 colours, encompassing complex neutrals, vivid brights and rich earth tones.
Which shade are you most excited for?

October Workshops!

Creativity Feeds the Soul
Love getting to explore creativity in new ways?
Your the first to see out October lineup of inspiring workshops.
Sign up HERE
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Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom! We want to inspire you to paint with a fall colour. Come in and save 10% off Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint™ this week! Offer expires Saturday October 9th 2021

Have a beautiful week!

Carrie and TPH Team

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