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Newsletter: October 19th, An Intro to Sid Dickens

An Intro to Sid Dickens

Sid Dickens was born into a fishing family in the small northern community of Prince Rupert.

Sid Dickens enrolled in the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver in 1983. He left Emily Carr after one year and returned to Prince Rupert. In 1986, he went on a long backpacking trip through Europe that greatly influenced his aesthetic. Upon his return, he settled in Haida Gwaii with his mother, who had taken a job in Sandspit, on Moresby Island. He spent the next few years working as a logger in the isolated forests. He founded a studio there and began to create large assemblage pieces using materials that he found around him including whalebone, mud, metal, leaves and copper wire left over from the logging industry. He was also experimenting with welding, creating jewelry and chain link.
In 1990, he attended an art school in the internationally renowned artists' colony of San Miguel de Allende in the north central mountains of Mexico.
Sid Dickens began making Memory Blocks while he was working in Vancouver during the early 1990s in a studio on Hastings Street.
Memory Blocks have evolved to become individually hand crafted plaster tiles, measuring 6" × 8" × 11⁄4" and finished to a porcelain-like quality, cracked to create an aged look and feel. Some memory blocks are embellished with silver and gold leafing done by hand.
The Memory Blocks are now internationally distributed and Sid Dickens has a strong following of collectors that create websites and forums on his behalf. Collections are often produced in limited runs, and retired pieces are valued as highly collectible.

How are Memory Blocks displayed? 

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are best displayed in wall-mounted groupings. The size of the groupings is unlimited. One prominent collector displays 80 Memory Blocks in the foyer of her home. You can also hang a single tile and build your collection according to your budget.
Unlike static works like paintings Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are interactive pieces of art. Memory Blocks can be grouped in an array of sizes, shapes and sequences or simply as a single table top piece, using an easel. As your decorating needs, moods and collections change, Memory Blocks offer you the freedom to adapt your displays accordingly and personalize your walls.

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