Newsletter: May 4th, The Instant Gardener

Despite the chill in the air, signs of Spring are popping up. Even though there are only few flowers this time of year, I am finding the forever green fields breathtaking and freeing. Bring that feeling in your home with floral decor. I love the diverse styles of florals in design and how they inevitably always work together. An organized chaos of blossoms and blooms.
Florals come in faux stems, as art, on cushions....
Garden Clippings make a big impact in a collection of little vintage bottles
Add a few small pieces of IOD Image Transfers to bring the outdoors in. Above Lori had embellished the chair backing and vintage window making them both an art piece!
Sid Dickens must be a floral lover too as he has lots in his collection.
Visit the store soon and see all the pretty florals or floral vessels you need.
Chalk Paint™ and Florals!
Check out this beautiful piece using Chalk Paint™ in Emperor’s Silk! This offering is from Ildiko Horvarth; a past Annie Sloan Painter in Residence who continues to delight with her signature Hungarian Folk Style. Ildiko’s work is instantly recognisable – from the always colourful traditional motifs to the incomparable shading. 
Here a base of Chalk Paint™ in Emperor’s Silk is expertly blended with darker and lighter colour mixes. It’s easy to overlook in favour of the (handpainted!) decorative work but it’s the blending which really makes this piece. The nuances of the base layer and the way the vignette effect of the darker edges give the impression that this piece really could have been lovingly restored from an original 19th or even 18th century chest of drawers. An absolutely one of a kind piece of furniture art! 
This lovely fireplace and dresser was painted by Warrior On Waste Lynne Lambourne. Lynne showed this clever garden idea at the Ideal Home Show, and it’s a brilliant way to incorporate more greenery into small spaces. The fireplace makes a charming, whimsical statement whilst the chest of drawers allows for four tiers of flora, giving a deliciously abundant cornucopia effect. Lynne used Chalk Paint™ in Lem Lem to paint the fireplace, with some dry brushing of Provence for extra interest, and Graphite on the drawers. She distressed both to give a rustic look and elected not to apply Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to protect the paint from fading or water damage if she wanted to move the look into the garden outside.
Create A Beautiful Life Video Series:
Hoarders are us! TPH show and tell! What’s that one thing you just can’t enough of? Every time you see another one you find it impossible to resist.
Jars, books, frames, glassware, vintage grates, iron orchid and furniture... The team came together today for a group intervention!
Hoarders are us and we aren’t stopping anytime soon!
Watch the ladies incorporate collections together! Join us in our first step of admitting we might have a problem and let us know what you hoard... I mean collect?
Hoarding or Collecting? Depends who you ask!
Join Carrie & Jeannine next week as we give some ideas on painting terracotta flower pots with Chalk Paint™. We will also share the details of our Flower Pot Challenge! Watch Friday May 7th at 9:30 am LIVE on Instagram.
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