Newsletter: March 15th, Blooming Decor

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The first blooms of Spring always make my heart sing!  This week we are all blooms here in the store.

Have a little tour...

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Pear Blossom

These beautiful extra large branches look so real! 48" long $19.99 each

Buy Pear Blossoms HERE

Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. Specifically, study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. Flowers make intimate connections.

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Grab a Bouquet HERE
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This bouquet is brand new to the shop and we are very happy with how realistic it looks. Super beautiful and only $28. Reserve one HERE


Decorating with flowers is always a good idea!

Floral Canvas only $16 each HERE

Floral sprigs, hanging plants, eucalyptus wreaths, pillows and cushions with florals... all beautiful ways to add the Spring vide into your home!

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The whimsical painting above could be the pièce de résistance in your dining room with all of these accessories shown. So many possibilities!


The Monstera leaf is beautiful! Drop into a tall vase and set it down on a dining table, entryway console, or bathroom counter to instantly elevate your whole look. Let us know you saw this and save 50% off of the gorgeous leaf!

Regularly $14 - Offered to you at $7 each. Order HERE

Sid Dickens Spring Collection!

They have arrived!

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Sid Dickens’ 2022 Spring Collection beckons the new season with familiar motifs and an aura of enchantment.

Spring is a season of change: the earth transforms as flowers bloom and birdsong awakens us. A small caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly in ‘Chrysalis,’ while ‘Palmistry’ and ‘Spellbound’ show us the magic that is all around us – we just have to slow down like the ‘Fearless Wanderer’ to see it.

A dawning spring not only brings about a transformation in nature but an internal change within ourselves. ‘Lady Justice’ represents the ideal that we are all equal, while ‘Strength’ serves as a reminder that we have the ability to persevere through the ebb and flow of life. Finally, two crowns christen the collection, a call back to Sid’s classic designs.

Let’s together revel in nature this spring and take in the many lessons it has to teach us.

Blooming Fashion

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Blouses that invoke Spring!

Katniss Blouse HERE
Patsia | Patchwork Blouse HERE

Create A Beautiful Life Video Series

Renovations made easy with The Idea Ladies!

Have you been wanting to change things up in your home forever but taking the plunge seems overwhelming and quite frankly not sure where or what to start with? 

Join Jeannine and Carrie live on location at Jeannine’s house as they show you a few things that she simply used Chalk Paint ™️ to help her on her renovation journey! 

Like what you see why not watch it LIVE on our Facebook every Friday morning at 9:30am.

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See what we have offered, dates, times and register with the link...

Sign up HERE


Florals and Chalk Paint™

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See the IOD Produts HERE
See all the Chalk Paint™ Palette HERE


They are back!! We can finally have a Chalk Paint™ Pop-up again! 

Come and watch Carrie and Candice make-over a piece of furniture in a few short hours with Chalk Paint™. 

You must RSVP for this event. Space is limited. Call us at 604-532-5931 to reserve a space.


When flowers bloom so does HOPE

Carrie & the TPH Team

604-532-5931 - 20528 Fraser Hwy.


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