Newsletter: June 1st, Kitchen Inspo!

Kitchen Inspo!
You probably spend more time in your kitchen than any other room in the house, so it’s quite natural to feel it needs a refresh. Or perhaps you’ve just bought a new house and aren’t able to spend money on new built-in cabinets just yet. But redecorating your kitchen needn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can use Chalk Paint™ to repaint the doors on your kitchen cabinets and drawers quickly, easily – and with minimal spend.
The Kitchen above can be recreated with Paris Grey and Pure White Chalk Paint™ and the kitchen below is in Oxford Navy.
So what equipment do you need? Simply arm yourself with the Chalk Paint colour of your choice and a Flat Brush for a smooth finish. You’ll need to seal in your paint work when you’re done. For a traditional mellow finish, use Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax. For extra durability, try Chalk Paint™ Lacquer instead.
To recreate this look try using Graphite on the cabinets, Pure White on the Range hood, and Dark Wax on the raw wood.
To recreate this white kitchen use Old White on the Cabinets and Dark Wax on the raw wood.
Stencil your backsplash area with
Chalk Paint™.
Here are some pics for Carrie's kitchen all done!!
Carrie used Pure White Chalk Paint™ on her upper cabinets and Athenian Black on her lower cabinets. She sealed with Matte Lacquer
Carrie's stools are painted with Arles Chalk Paint™. Her floating shelves are finished in Dark Wax.
A peek into Jeannine's kitchen
Feeling like you need a change but your cabinets don't need a makeover just yet... Look around at things like stools, chairs, doors and accessories. Chalk Paint™ will give you a new look quickly and easily.
Jeannine's cabinets are complemented with Chalk Paint™ on the stools.
Original White was layered over Country Grey.
Your pantry door is a great place to add a pop of colour. Here, Jeannine painted her door in Duck Egg Blue.
  1. First, remove the doors and any hardware from your cabinets if you wish. Give them a wash with soapy water. No harsh chemicals needed unless they have a layer of cooking grease. Use a Krud Kutter or equivalent and rinse well.
  2. Paint the cupboards in your chosen Chalk Paint™ colour, using an Annie Sloan Flat Brush for a smooth finish.
  3. Leave to dry before painting a second coat of Chalk Paint™.
  4. Once dry, wax the doors using Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax and a Chalk Paint™ Wax Brush. Remove any excess with a lint-free cloth.
  5. Leave the wax to harden before applying another coat, allowing at least a day. You’ll want to wax the doors two to three times to make your finish really strong.
  6. *Optional* – for a polished finish, leave overnight before buffing the wax with a cotton cloth.
  7. Once the wax has dried, the doors are ready to go back on your cabinets. Just remember that the wax can take up to two weeks to fully harden (this is known as curing). You can use them in this time, but be gentle.
Create A Beautiful Life Video Series:
Store Tour and Workshop Space
Do you miss getting out? We have been working hard to “make space” at TPH so that we can hang out again!
You might notice a change in the store layout next time you are in. Half of the bottom floor is transformed into a workshop space that allows two things!
  • First, we have rentable space for you to bring your projects in.
  • Next, we are working hard to create workshops again.! We have made the space that makes it possible to remain 6 feet apart to maintain the covid guidelines.
The Idea Ladies are giving us a tour of the new space coupled with a store tour to have a peek around!
Store Tour and Workshop Space
Join Carrie & Jeannine next week (weather permitting...) as we talk about dining alfresco in Jeannine's backyard! Watch Friday June 4th at 9:30 am LIVE on Instagram.
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