Newsletter: February 8th, Complementary Colour


What Are Complementary Colors?

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So what does this mean for the decorator? It means that combinations of complementary colors are especially dynamic together, since they play up each other’s intensity. A tiny bit of orange really pops in a blue room and vice versa because your eye wants to see that color. A combination of two complementary colors may be perceived as soothing or balanced, since it simultaneously stimulates different parts of the eye.

What do you think? Feeling inspired to try out one of these bold combos?

colour wheel.jpg

When you look at blue on the color wheel, you’ll see the complementary color is orange. Full chroma blue and orange colors do look good together but it may not be what you want to decorate with but the value of the color in lighter tints, tones and shades will give you lots of options to decorate with. Below we have paired the Oxford Navy dresser with gold frames which appear in the orange family🤍

comp dish.jpg
comp 3.jpg

Here are some samples of softer combinations of complimentary colours from around the shop! Soft pinks and greens are more pleasing than red and green unless it's Christmas.

comp cloths.jpg
comp cloth.jpg

Complementary colour works in fashion too!

Your now trained eye will look at colour and pick out complementary colours in pattern, like in the blue and yellow plaid in the jacket shown.

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