Newsletter: February 15th , Are you Cold or are you Warm?


Are You Warm or Cold??

Every colour can be categorized as either a warm colour or a cool colour. Discover the notes and nuances of both, and use their distinct characteristics to get the look you want.

Warm & Cool 101


Warm colours- yellow, orange, red and combinations thereof - breathe energy, positivity and a sense of sunshine into any room.

Cool colours- green, blue and purple—evoke relaxation and calm.

Neutrals like white and grey. 

can also lean warmer or cooler depending on their undertones.

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Are You Cold?

1 svens.jpg
1 aubusson-bue.jpg
  • Cool colours contribute to a sleek, yet soothing vibe.
  • Calm, relaxation and freshness are all attributes of cooler shades, including Svenska Blue, Aubusson Blue and so many beautiful colours in the Annie Sloan Collection.
  • Cool paint colours are popular in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Cooler hues make smaller spaces feel more expansive.
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Lots of Cool Colour choices from around the shop in Furniture and Decor too!

Or Are You Warm?

1 old oc.jpg
  • Warm colours are typically used to create cozy and intimate spaces.
  • Brighter warm colours are often associated with energy, playfulness and happiness including Antoinette Pink and Barcellona Orange.
  • Warm paint colours are popular in kitchens and living rooms.
  • Warmer hues make larger spaces feel more inviting.
warm 1.jpg

Warm selections from around the store including wood finishes that tend to be a warm too.

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Sweater Weather Bonus Sale!

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Fashion comes in warm and cold colours also and if you can't decide, then buy both and save 40%!!

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March Dates Added!

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