New Year, New You: The Passionate Home Sponsors The Total Makeover Challenge

New Year, New You: The Passionate Home Sponsors The Total Makeover Challenge

Life is so busy that we often forget to look after ourselves and it is not easy to make health and fitness changes without some support.

At The Passionate Home, we believe in supporting and encouraging personal development. That is why we have decided to sponsor the Total Makeover Challenge by Shape Your World. This group is inspiring, supportive and celebrates the participant. Just like The Passionate Home, they are helping people create a beautiful life. 

About the Total Makeover Challenge

This is the 9th season of the Total Makeover Challenge. There will be two winners: One from Abbotsford and one from Langley.

The challenge is a 4 month self-improvement program that educates and encourages 30 women to reach their highest potential in personal health, fitness and self-confidence. 

Their journey includes:

  • weight loss coaching
  • fitness training
  • personal development seminars
  • self-esteem workshops 

Each year this challenge changes women’s lives by giving them an opportunity to find themselves again after getting caught up in raising families, working to just make ends meet or dealing with personal tragedies. 

The Total Makeover Challenge gives women the energy, support and confidence to take their lives back.

The winner will receive gifts from local sponsors including:  

  • Getaway trip for two
  • Gym membership
  • Photo shoot with hair & makeup

Apply now to be selected as one of the 30 Challengers in Langley and Abbotsford. Deadline to apply is January 11, 2017.

The Passionate Home is a proud sponsor of the Total Makeover Challenge, and we wish you all the best of luck with your health, fitness, and wellness goals in 2017!

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