My Visit to Annie Sloan's Warehouse

As you may know my family recently returned from a “family bonding” trip to Paris and England.  While I was in bed one night in Paris I was on Facebook and thought wouldn’t it be great to go and visit Annie Sloan while we are in England, so I sent her a message that just said “Hello…this is Carrie from The Passionate Home in Langley BC Canada and my family and I are headed into your neighborhood next week, any chance you will be in town?” 

Well not a moment later Annie messaged me back that she knew who I was and that she would not be in the store but she would love to invite us all to visit her new warehouse in Oxford.  We chatted into the evening and I went to bed excited for this opportunity!  So after our visit to her store in Oxford, we grabbed a taxi to take us there.

Welcome to Annie Sloan’s Warehouse!

Annie Sloan's Warehouse - The Passionate Home

Once inside there is a comfortable waiting room and a sign painted on the wall that read, "Make it your own with Annie Sloan".  It is at this point I am getting just a little bit excited!!  Moments later Annie herself opened the door with hugs of welcome.  Annie was just setting up for a webinar and a magazine shoot but had time for a visit and a quick tour of her home away from home.  

Make it your own with Annie Sloan - The Passionate Home

My kids asked me how I felt seeing Annie and visiting her shop and warehouse and at the time I was overwhelmed and not really sure what to say. But as I look back I feel lucky to be part of Annie’s team.  She is a true artist, she is grounded, caring, giving, successful, driven and so very inspiring!

wall at Annie Sloan's warehouse - The Passionate Home

This is the wall up the stairs to the offices, just filled with amazing architectural pieces, love it!  Once upstairs we all toured the offices, kitchen, workshop, warehouse, met the team…it was colorful, comfortable and friendly. I have met Annie and her family before but it was so nice to be remembered and treated like family.

Annie Sloan The Passionate Home Family

It is my hope that by sharing her chalk paint™ with you, providing workshops and personal service that you too will be inspired to find your inner artist, an artist creating the beautiful life that you preserve.

Annie Sloan and I - The Passionate Home