Go Green For 2017!

2017 is most certainly the year of green! From clothing to home decor and everything in between. We believe in “going green” and we are excited to see the colour green pop everywhere. At the beginning of the year, Annie Sloan was picking green to be one of the major colour trends of 2017.  At the beginning of our 4th month it seems Annie is spot on and she has once again shared her thoughts on the trend and offered up some excellent inspiration for us all!

Embrace old textures!

From deep, rich Amsterdam Green, to fresh, zesty mixes of lime green, there's a shade out there to suit everyone. Furniture which already has lots of delicious texture is great, in fact we should celebrate it! That's just what was done with this rustic table. The naturally distressed surface was highlighted using Chalk Paint™ and Wax. 

This process was started by giving this rustic dining table a classic French look using Chalk Paint™ in Antibes Green to paint the legs. Then the green was knocked back with lashings of Black Wax.

For the tabletop, Old White was diluted with water to create a wash. This was then sealed with Clear Wax. You can learn more about this technique in our Chalk Paint workshops!


Green Colour Trend

2017's Hottest Trend

This beautiful botanical inspired cabinet was painted by the lovely Tamsyn Morgans who runs the lifestyle and interiors blog ‘The Villa' on Mount Pleasant.

She says: " I am a big lover of shades of green, from minty fresh greens through to turquoise and teal, and shades of green pop up a lot in my home." Our kind of woman!

By painting the outside of the cabinet in Antibes Green and the inside Florence, she has created a gorgeous pop of colour for her house, and it sits prettily amongst her plants. A coat of Clear Wax seals in all of her hard work



Green colour trend 2017 Mix It Up! 

Mixing English Yellow and Antibes Green created this lime green colour to match a beloved vase.

A smooth finish was painted to keep to the mid-century modern look, and just look at how the final piece has turned out!

If you want to see exactly how this piece was transformed, from mixing the perfect green to waxing a smooth finish, take a look at Annie’s video here.

If breathing new life into your home is on top of your to-do list visit us at The Passionate Home. We love to hear about your DIY projects and we have everything you need to get started and be successful!


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