Fireplace Makeover with Chalk Paint™


Are you wanting a fireplace makeover? 3 ladies, 2.5 cans of Chalk Paint™️, 6 hours, laughs and dancing….voila! I know the project can look huge and daunting! What if you don't like it? What if it doesn't work? These are regular thoughts that one would think about so keep reading and watch our tips and tricks for painting stone or brick. The hardest part should be deciding what colour! The Idea Ladies filmed live on location to give you a closer look.

Step 1.

Wash and clean your surface. We recommend giving it a good vaccuum and wipe down with a degreaser soap or TSP solution. This prepares your surface for the paint to stick. We recommend taping off any areas you do not want the paint to touch.

Step 2.

Pick your paint colour of choice, we recommend leaving it with with lid off for about 20-40 minutes to thicken if you are wanting a more full coverage technique. Find a older paint brush that you aren't super attached too as most likely will be worn by the end of the process.

Step 3. 

Start by finding a corner and use a dabbing/stippling motion rather than a brushing method getting into the grout and nooks and cranny's. You might find you need a few different sizes of paint brushes to aid you in getting into those tight spaces. Continue on painting, this particular fireplace took 3 ladies 6 hours and we used 2.5 Cans of Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan in Old White

Step 4.

We did not feel we needed to seal this project with lacquer but if you had a area that was going to take have more traffic ( in this case the client uses the hearth to sit quite abit so we decided to use Chalk Paint™ Matte Lacquer for the hearth only.


 Enjoy your updated fireplace that will transform your look.


Have we inspired you to refinish your own brick or stone fireplace? We promise you that the hardest part is choosing the colour and committing to the first touch of paint. We want to thank Sonya for letting us into her home and trusting us! Purchase your Chalk Paint™ HERE


Words from the homeowner:

"I am speechless, it looks incredible! Its changed the whole look of the room, the house...Its AMAZING! Far exceeded my expectations" ~Sonya