Donate to Critter Care at Christmas

Meet "PASSION" and his brother "IMPACT". The Passionate Home and my good friend Deborah, owner of Impact Marketing International, have teamed up to sponsor these two loves currently being looked after by the wonderful volunteers at Critter Care Wildlife Society right here in Langley.  
As the holiday's approach our hearts are opened to so many and with our love of nature it only made senses that one of the ways we could make a difference is by sponsoring some of Mother Nature's animals.

The Bears' Story

Found along a logging road in Nelson, these two bears were admitted to Critter Care on March 6, 2016 at 4 weeks of age with their eyes still closed. Their mom was nowhere to be found.

The two boys weighed in at 2.9 lb and 3.3 lb. We don't really know what happened but cubs this young would normally not be out of their den.

When a logger called in that he found these cubs on the road, he was instructed to watch from a safe distance first to see if the mother showed up. Nothing happened.

Since the cubs were getting very cold and crying, he was instructed to pick them up and keep them warm, and deliver them to a drop off point. They were delivered to Pacific Coastal Air, who had scheduled a flight to Vancouver for the cubs free of charge.

We have no news of what really happened to the mother of these cubs, but Critter Care was able to save them and begin the rehabilitation process.

They are now doing well and as winter approaches and it gets colder, they will be going into hibernation along with the other 4 bears currently at Critter Care. All the bears pile into dens constructed by Critter Care, but some decide to dig holes and build dens of their own. The staff provide branches and straw if the bears decide to build their own dens, but the bears do the work themselves.

In the spring, IMPACT and PASSION will be transported back to the region where they were found, giving them a second chance at life.

Donate to Critter Care

Fostering donation is key to saving the lives of these injured or orphaned cubs and preserving our natural heritage. Critter Care couldn't do it without public support and funding. Last year they saved 32 bear cubs.

You can help support Critter Care Wildlife Society by donating here.

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