Cottage Comfort

This outdoor space, painted by Annie Sloan Dutch Stockist Saense Sjans, is a brilliant image to help explain when to Lacquer and when to Leave! So: the walls, ceiling, rafters, and posts have been painted with Chalk Paint™ and left unsealed. These surfaces are all wooden and porous so absorb the paint well – as does brick or stone. They also aren’t regularly touched or cleaned with abrasive chemicals. The cabinets at the far end have been painted with a custom Chalk Paint™ mix (but it’s very similar to Svenska Blue if you’d like to emulate the look but aren’t confident with colour mixing). These have been lacquered, as have the table and bench. MA good rule of thumb is: garden furniture should be lacquered to protect or things with standing surfaces that water could pool on; walls, sheds, or structural details can be painted with Chalk Paint™ and left unsealed.

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Happy Cottaging!

Use Chalk Paint™ on wicker, wood and floors!