Chalk Paint™ Rescue

The word ‘upcycle’ is to essentially reuse discarded objects to create something of higher quality &/or value. Take an unloved & outdated piece of ugly orange pine furniture, whack on a bit of Chalk Paint™ (every upcyclers best friend!) & some new knobs & it’ll be transformed like the ugly duckling.

So why should people start embracing upcycling?

1. $$$ –

The number 1 reason to upcycle is obviously that it saves you money. We live in a throw away generation whereby people are so quick to just chuck away unwanted items; the perfect chance to get your hands on something to give a makeover! 

2. Creativity  –

Why buy new when you can let your creativity flow and create something completely original for your home? Nobody else will have the same & you can let your imagination run wild.

3. It’s good for the environment –

Instead of taking unwanted bits to the dump, recycling them as something else & turning them into something you love is the way to go. The landfill is wrecking havoc with our environment so next time you make a trip to the dump, think ‘can I repurpose this?’.

4. Old is good –

Older pieces of furniture are generally better quality than more modern pieces…hence why they’ve step the test of time but may not be in fashion anymore. Going for old pieces of furniture will mean that you get something better quality for a fraction of the price.

5. It’s unique! –

When you upcycle something, you get the added benefit of not having the same look as everyone else with their mass produced flatpack furniture. You can customize it to be unique to you as well as fitting perfectly in your home. Think colours, patterns or decoupage.


Start your upcycling today!

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