Chalk Paint™ highlights from Annie Sloan


 Annie Sloan, the Queen of paint!

This wardrobe is painted in Old White Chalk Paint™  by Christen of Blue Egg Brown Nest. This was really popular on Instagram and Facebook and it’s not hard to see why.

Wardrobes take up a lot of precious bedroom real estate and if they’re big and brown they can dominate the space in a pretty unpleasant way. There are a myriad of painterly decorative effects you can achieve with Chalk Paint™ - but Annie Sloan says "it’s most powerful when used to turn functional but ugly furniture into something harmonious, which can be enjoyed rather than endured". Have you painted something in your home which was not to your taste, but was a useful piece of furniture, and then fallen in love with it after a coat of Chalk Paint™?

These pieces have been painted by Sara, whose work you can find on Instagram @surrey_lane_home. They are in the two new Chalk Paint™ colours, Svenska Blue and Chicago Grey!

A dream in green is this chest of drawers, which looks like it came directly from an enchanted forest. To achieve something like this you need to work in a lot of colour to create that nuance and beauty which is so fairytale beautiful.

First, it was painted a base of warm Chalk Paint™ tones. Barcelona Orange, English Yellow and Burgundy in a rough ombre (think strips of colour in decreasing depth rather than carefully blended washes at this stage). Then a top coat of green was applied. Amsterdam Green at the base of the piece, over Burgundy and Barcelona Orange, which then fades into Lem Lem over the top of English Yellow at the top. Then wiped back the greens in places using a damp rag to reveal the base colours beneath.

See more from The Girl In Blue in her Instagram page HERE

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