Annie Sloan Brushes

How do you know which brush you should use? Annie Sloan gives us a large range of QUALITY paint and wax brushes. Today, let's chat specifically paint brushes. You can use these with Chalk Paint™, Satin Paint, or the all new Wall Paint by Annie Sloan. You don't have to use Annie's Brushes but we guarantee once you do...well... you won't go back. Quality brushes are an investment worth making. Quality tools = Quality results.

Chalk Paint™ Brushes

At first touch, you will feel the quality. Made with natural boar bristles you will notice the bristles are strong yet pliable. Annie Sloan’s bristle Chalk Paint™ Brushes are perfect for producing a textured, vintage finish. The natural split ends allow you to paint expressively while the brush holds a large amount of paint. 

We have given our Chalk Paint™ Brushes our OWN names that we think are quite fitting, but for everyone else they can be found using basic words like Large, Medium, and Small


Large Brush 

Used for bigger projects like dressers and cabinets as they hold the most amount of paint. Papa Bear holds a lot of paint, which means less dipping and more efficient painting! (PS this brush is popular with the male painters)

Medium Brush

This brush is what we refer to as Mama Bear and in our humble opinion should be a staple in everyone's kit. This all around brush is functional in almost any project just like Mama!

Small Brush 

Perfect for those smaller, trickier to reach areas of your most detailed pieces. Also a great all round brush to have on hand.


  • If you are thinking of painting fabric these brushes are your go-to over the flat synthetic Annie Sloan brushes. 

  • Wash brushes with warm soapy water, squeeze as much water out of the brushes as possible then either hang them to dry (that’s why the paint brushes have little holes on the handle) or stand them up bristles down. The idea is to NOT let the water collect in the well of the brush.

Flat Synthetic Brushes 

These brushes feature advanced synthetic fibers, which help to produce a smooth, contemporary finish. They are designed to minimize brush strokes. Pick your size depending on how big/detailed your project is.

No nicknames for these we just call them "little smoothies". They come in two sizes Large and Small.



  • These brushes work perfect with Annie Sloan Lacquer

  • Both brushes are light weight; the small brush weighing under 2 ounces and the large brush weighing just over 3 ounces helping to avoid hand fatigue while you paint.

  • The small is also a "must have" for all projects.


Detail Brushes

All in those small finishing touches this set is perfect for those fine details and dynamic shapes using Chalk Paint™ the four brushes give great control, amazing precision and ensure an even spread of colour thanks to their soft, durable bristles. The perfect set for the furniture painter and crafter alike. Purchase this must have set HERE


Set includes: Small Round, Small Flat, Large Round and Large Flat.

**NEW** Wall Paint Brushes



Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint Brushes are made from synthetic fibers, designed specifically for the smooth and easy application of paint. They feature a high bristle count, which means they load more paint onto the brush, allowing you to cover large areas well. The handles are ergonomically designed for an effortless application. Annie prefers using these brushes for painting walls as they do not take any longer to apply than rollers and give a beautiful, textured finish. Two sizes Small and Large.


If you are looking to use Annie Sloan's range of paint whether it be Chalk Paint™, Satin Paint, or Wall Paint we wouldn't be doing you justice if we didn't at least educate you on why the brush you choose can make a difference in the final product.

So there you have it! Stop by our store to chat with one of our Paint Experts or email us at if you have any questions. Feel free to tell us about your project and we can recommend the best brush for the job!

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