Add a Little Whimsy and Chalk Paint™!

So you might love a vintage piece for its look, function, value, nostalgia, and history or “just because.” I think my blood pressure went up a tick at the sight of this spectacular desk, and probably for a combination of all of the above reasons. 
The secretary desk goes by several aliases: secretaire, bureau, and even escritoire. No matter what you call it, this charming, multipurpose piece of furniture can be used in infinite ways in every room of your house. 
Tuck a secretary into a little-used corner of your home, add a comfy chair, and voilà, you’ve got yourself a mini home office or a reading nook—or both. It takes up relatively little space thanks to their small footprints, and can hold items galore, from table linens to barware to your stationery collection. The fold-away tabletop allows cluter to be hidden away when closed and is large enough to use for your laptop when open. 
Samantha was the luck lady who got to pick up the brush for this piece!
This bureau was very scratched and in rough shape.
The only preperation that needed to be done was to clean. Samantha washed it down with a damp cloth. No sanding or priming is needed with the Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan!
The first coat was done in an Olive and Pure White Mix.
Samantha then layered Pure White over the Olive mix.
Once all dried, she disstressed with a combination of wet and dry techniques.
She finished with Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax and the tiniest amount
of Black Wax to highlight the beautiful detail.
The inside was left in the Olive and Pure White Chalk Paint™ mix for a
nice contrast againts the white.
We are so happy with the end result.
This piece is looking for a good home...

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