On My Mind: December 2015

638329fb-00c9-4695-ab6d-1c8313bf232a2015...who knew! At the beginning of this year we shared a quote, "If you stumble, make it part of the dance." Well, we have being doing just that and I don't think our dancing feet have stopped to rest! We had some ideas and set goals for this year, some we met, some we did not and some new ones just rocked our world! I think that you can set out a plan but the real success is in being flexible enough to change it and remembering to celebrate the wins, learn from the losses and to keep the music flowing! In 2015 we introduced our new logo and refreshed our website. We added new workshops and still plan on adding more in 2016. We took part in many events and markets, more than any other year. We introduced you to Mark, our Home Decor Consultant, and this fall we welcomed two new ladies to our family - MJ and Natalie! April was our BIG announcement and that is when our feet really started to dance as we moved right across the courtyard where we increased our square footage by about two and a half times!! There has been no looking back and no regrets. Another quote from our January 2015 newsletter was, "I am fully prepared to fail but also fully prepared to work hard to succeed." I think 2015 was a success and I fully acknowledge that The Passionate Home's success is a community success. Thank you to our supportive customers, our incredible pickers, our hardworking and caring staff, my loving family and friends and Annie Sloan! One of the best things about success is to celebrate it and all those who made it possible. This December, before you start making resolutions for the New Year, I hope you take the time to look back on your year and find the successes, take time to celebrate them, to celebrate yourself and those around you. The Passionate Home team wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas, health and happiness always! Enjoy the season, turn up the music and dance! xo



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