When One Door Closes Another One Opens

eventmarketingrookie-last-postFor those of you who have been to our store, you know that across the courtyard from us is McBurney Junction Furniture.  I remember many years ago, before The Passionate Home was born, I would shop at McBurney and love every moment.  I purchased a hanging candle holder for my sister as a house warming gift for her new home in California.  I was so proud and excited that I had made a purchase at this amazing store that I admired so much. Skip ahead many moons and I can hardly believe that McBurney and The Passionate Home share the same postal code.  We have shared so many things over the years, customers, wine…etc.  It is with mixed emotions that I received the news that McBurney Junction would soon be closing their doors for the last time. At first I felt shock, then tears, and then encouragement. As we all know the saying, “When one door closes, another will open”! The road through life is not straight; it is filled with forks, curves, hills and valleys. It is filled with emotions, fear, doubt, excitement and awakening. Ladies of McBurney…we wish that you embrace your next experience with your whole heart as you all deserve to have everything your heart desires. Thank you…we love you! Here's a note from Nikki & Karla: