Carrie's Revamped Kitchen Island

One of the biggest questions we answer at The Passionate Home is, "How can I use Chalk Paint™ to paint my kitchen cabinets?" Well, as you've seen from a few of our blog posts, it's not that difficult (Chalk Paint™ makes most things easy to paint!) and the results are amazing. This summer Carrie and her son, Max, got the itch to revamp the island in their family kitchen and we wanted to share the transformation with you.

The island had long ago been painted a vintage white and it was time for an update.


They started by re-facing the island with tongue and groove board

island2   island3

Then they applied a good coat of Chalk Paint™ in Coco (which Carrie loves!)


They followed the coat of Coco with a coat of Graphite to match the doors leading in and out of the kitchen. Carrie then lightly distressed the paint job and finished it off with a coat of dark wax.

island5  island6

Now it was time to make the new counter top. The reno duo chose 2" planks of old fir for the surface and laid it out on the floor to measure it up.


This photo shows the boards laid out on top of the island waiting to be glued together - this part was not as quick and easy as painting!


While they were waiting for the counter planks to set, it was on to re-finishing the bar stools. Carrie chose Arles to add a pop of colour to the space.

island7  island9
                        BEFORE                                                      AFTER

Finally...after a bit of patience and a lot of elbow grease, the family is enjoying their newly revamped kitchen island.


island9Are you inspired?