Giving Old Memories New Life

As the summer winds down and I'm finishing up a week of holidays with my family, my thoughts have turned towards family memories and heirlooms. The things we do with the people we love and the things they leave behind for us when they grow old, are so important. They literally are the fabric of our lives.

Back in June I shared with you how I dyed my Nana's vintage lace tablecloth with Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Well, a few weeks ago I was thinking about how we often put away these special items we inherit and don't use them too often for fear of ruining them. Well, I've decided that's just silly – they should be enjoyed. So, I took a customer up on her offer to make a beautiful jacket out of this special piece of fabric and I really wanted to share it with you.


Nana would be so happy to see one of her beautiful treasures re-styled into something that can be worn today. Now that's how to keep memories alive.

In fact, I'm so loving this new jacket that I'm thinking about having a few made to sell in the store. What do you think?





Feb 06, 2016

This is fabulous! What a creative idea. Very pretty and feminine yet still has that bohemian look I love. Nice!

Studio Jude
Feb 06, 2016

carrie – i just love your lace, formerly table cloth, jacket – i’m certain your nana is smiling proudly of your ‘reinvention’ – and yes, i’m there should you decide to bring some jackets into the store – AND you’ve made me think about 2 bed coverings i have – when my grandmother emigrated to canada in the 50’s, she brought very little with her from italy – but she did bring 2 hand loomed spreads – now, what to do with them???? i really like the pattern of your new jacket btw….keep up the good work

althea di gregorio
Feb 06, 2016

Do it, Carrie. they’d sell like hotcakes!!

Denise Roller
Feb 06, 2016

It’s gorgeous!

Feb 06, 2016

I absolutely love this idea !!! Let me know if you do get any in the store, I would love to take a look! Thanks Brandy

Brandy Olson-Hevia
Feb 06, 2016

Love the idea of making use of treasures left by previous generations! I hope to make white/cream decorative bed throw cushions out of old linen tablecloths and doilies hand embroidered by my great grandmother(s) and grandmother(s). I will let you know how they turn out…


Jane Hutchison
Feb 06, 2016

fabulous Carrie… go for it, with Christmas coming.

Feb 06, 2016

Thank you Althea, I am sure yours are very beautiful!

Feb 06, 2016

Hi Carrie

I love this idea for giving new life to old treasures. I have a large crocheted bedspread that was made by my grandmother. I think it is for a double bed. I would love to donate it if you would like.

Laura davis
Feb 06, 2016

giving rebirth to vintage items is a true blessing, ancestors would be thrilled that their legacy goes on in keeping their things alive and being used, great job


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