How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint™

This is probably the biggest question we get asked in the store, "Can I paint by kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint™?"  The answer is a resounding YES! The unique formulation of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan enables you to bring new life to your tired kitchen cabinets with no sanding, or priming!

chalk paint kitchen cabinets

Here's how:

  1. The first step is to give your cabinets a thorough cleaning with a strong cleaner like TSP. While you don't need to sand or prime, you do need to remove the greasy, dusty residue that builds up in our kitchens.
  2. After they are completely clean and dry, you'll need to use at least two coats of paint, possibly doing a very light sanding in between the coats. This depends on how much you'd like to see brush strokes.
  3. Then you'll need to protect the surface with two or even three coats of Soft Wax to seal it. Annie's Soft Wax is water repellant and she recommends that you refresh the surface every so often with a new coat of wax for continues protections.

Annie does recommend that in high-use areas such as the cutlery drawer, you may want to give the area a sanding and prime it to increase its wearability. It's also important to note that the less shine on surface prior to painting, the better Chalk Paint™ will adhere.

Here's a Before and After shot of one of our customer's kitchen makeover:

kitchen renovation

If you've been contemplating taking on the task of updating your kitchen with Chalk Paint™, now is the time; we're here to help you through the process step by step and remember, 32oz cans are 10% off for the month of August.

We'd love to see your new kitchens so email your photos to or post them of Facebook and tag them #InspirationMonth for a chance to win a paint and wax brush set!



Feb 06, 2016

Hi Wendy. This is a big question that requires a bit more explanation that we can comment on here. Can you please call Carrie at the store (604.532.5931) so she can discuss this with you. There are many ways to antique them but we want to be sure we understand her meaning of “antique” so that we can give you the information to create what you are envisioning.

The Passionate Home
Feb 06, 2016

My cabinets are white. What is the best way to antique them?
Thank you.

Wendy Robinson

Wendy Robinson

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