Day 4 | Chairs for Chairty with Second Chance Furnishings

Today we're thrilled to tell you about the chair by John Koning of Second Chance Furnishings. Located here in Langley, Second Chance has a dual meaning to its name; the venture came about during the second phase of John's life when he decided to give his hobby a second chance, and he uses his talents to give furniture a second chance. How great is that?


This is John's third time donating a chair to our Chairs for Charity Auction Event, benefiting the Langley Christmas Bureau - thank you so much John! Here's a look at the chair before he got his hands on it:


Our photographer, Steve Hayek, is out shooting the final "after" image of John's chair today but we wanted to give you a little teaser, so here's a sneak peek at the finished product:


On the note of our photographer working away while the weather is cooperating, we're so excited to show you our first finished shots of the chair donated by Kristy of 4 the love of WOOD:


How gorgeous is this chair?