The Great Adventures of Mrs. P | Part I

Via Kristy from 4 the Love of Wood.

Yesterday I worked with Carrie at The Passionate Home and between the two of us
we created a new store display and a fictional lady to go along with it.


We started with this big pair of grey lockers and thought we would do something industrial with them,
 that quickly changed the moment I hung the large red watering can inside. 


Carrie wanted to hang a hat ... for obvious reason, it is a locker with hooks after all.
When I chose the ladies straw gardening hat and Carrie then went with a matching scarf
we saw our fictional figure started to come alive like a smoky image appearing just off in the distance.
The croquet set was a no brainer, it fit well into the scene and who likes to create
a character that isn't well rounded in their pursuits.
Carrie gets full credit for the wine cognisor our lady is as I am a non drinker.
Sometimes when she comes in from the garden she simply enjoys a glass of wine
and sometimes she enjoys that glass while sitting at her vintage typewriter looking for inspiration. 


And her love of animals is as evident as mine.
And The Great Adventures Of Mrs P. has started.
The Passionate Home and 4 the love of WOOD will be teaming up for the summer to have some fun and to bring you a grand story told through FB, The Passionate Home store displays, and 4 love of WOOD blog ... The great adventures of Mrs P.
Stay tuned and watch for the adventures .....

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