Love at First Sight

carrie wedding dress28 years ago I locked eyes with a handsome man at a sports dance at the White Rock Curling Club.  There where hundreds of people there and I was making my way through the crowd when our eyes met and I felt my feet cement into the ground.  He was talking to my friend, Christine, and I remember thinking , “Why aren’t you moving, how rude,” but I could not move away.  After what seemed like forever we were introduced and he shook my hand.  He has held that hand everyday since.  Mike has taken my hand to lift me up, he has loved me and supported my dreams like no other man could.
A few years ago I shared in a newsletter that I try on my wedding dress every anniversary and I received quite a few e-mails sharing personal stories. Thank you!  One suggested that I share a photo of this occasion, so here it is.  Last night after a wonderful family dinner I unzipped that long white bag and held my breath…(literally) After 18 years my dress was a little faded, a little yellow and a little wrinkled…just like me! Mike came downstairs smiling, shaking his head and he took my hand!  I believe in love at first sight, do you?