What Chalk Paint™ Means to Me

annie_sloan_canOne beautiful sunny day I was strolling through an outdoor market with my sister in Gig Harbour, Washington. The street was closed and filled with people wandering along taking in the colours and scents of the season when all of a sudden my heart rate went up and I broke through the crowds…is that what I think it is?? At the end of the road was a tent set up on the driveway of a little retail store and there sat a women with a big smile on her face as she chatted with a group of people about how she was just painting right over the original finish of an antique rocking chair.  You guessed it…CHALK PAINT™!  Of course no one in my group could understand my excitement as I stood in front of the rows of colours to choose just the right one for me to take home to be my first Chalk Paint® experience. “One can of Paris Grey and one can of Clear Wax please,” I said with a smile.  I love visiting my sister, but at this point, I could not wait to get home.

My first project was a very high gloss antique buffet and I remember like it was yesterday, standing in my garage with a paint brush doing a small test batch to see if this paint was really all that they had claimed.  I though it would NEVER stick, but guess what…it was at this moment my life changed forever.  I quickly applied this magic to the rest of my buffet and stood back.  I couldn’t believe it! I held my paint brush in the air and with a wicked smile, turned and marched into the house wondering what else I could paint Paris Grey.  I was hooked!

endless-possibilitiesLittle did I know at this point that The Passionate Home (TPH) would soon become the first stockist of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan in British Columbia.  Chalk Paint™ has enabled me to fulfill my dream of helping people.  We teach workshops in the store where we meet so many amazing people. We share our love of this paint with people daily; some are learning about Chalk Paint™ to redo a certain piece of furniture, some take the class to be creative, and some want to start a small business. Everyone discovered Chalk Paint™ for a different reason, but I can assure you from experience that it brings along with its paint transformation, joy, happiness, beauty, peace and accomplishment.

For The Passionate Home, Chalk Paint™ has brought survival.  As time moves on, consumers’ buying habits change, the economy changes, and in order for a business to survive it has to change along with the times.  Selling Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan has opened up a window of opportunities for TPH and we are honoured to represent Annie Sloan and her paint. Before Elinor and I went to New Orleans to the Annie Sloan convention I was questioning how much time and effort I really wanted invest in this program - running TPH was already a balancing act. But, after meeting the other people who shared the same passion, and after meeting Annie and her family, I knew that this was more than just a can of paint.  It does offer endless possibilities and so much more.  Now I am the lucky lady at the end of the street with a big smile on her face!

If you have taken the time to read down this far and you have yet to try Chalk Paint™, please call me 604-532-5931 and lets see how it can change your life.