Annie Sloan Photo

On our recent trip to New Orleans Elinor and I had the pleasure of meeting Annie Sloan in person.  We have been selling Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan for almost 2 years and I always wondered about this lady who I have let into my life and my business.  I tell people who take our workshop that I can only sell something that I completely believe in and Chalk Paint is an amazing product and after meeting Annie I must say that she is an amazing lady.  I feel honoured to be on her team and that I get to share her products with you! 

Annie, Eli and meElinor and I along with 300 or so Chalk Paint retailers listened, learned, shared and grew with Annie, her family and her team for 5 days.  We laughed, we ate, we drank, we painted, we bonded (sounds like our Chalk Paint Workshops!)  We read Annie's latest book "Colour recipes for Painted Furniture" and it has inspired me and re-ignited my confidence in knowing that we are selling the best Chalk Paint on the market!  The book is "chalked" full of new ideas and techniques...did you know that you can dye fabric with Chalk Paint?  In the book Annie demonstrates with an old metal tub in France and of course that would be wonderful but I am thinking an old metal tub in Langley can work "almost" as well!

 bookcovercolour_recipes230To learn more about Annie Sloan click here ANNIE SLOAN.  To purchase the book you can visit The Passionate Home or purchase  one ONLINE.


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