New Orleans & Chalk Paint

2013-03-31 20.12.02Paris Grey?  Everywhere we went in New Orleans we were seeing Chalk Paint colours and so we should as this was a business trip after all! :)2013-03-31 20.30.29We walked the French Market, a shopping destination for more than 200 years. 2013-03-31 20.33.02Greek Blue?  2013-03-31 20.52.50Everywhere we went there are beautiful shutters in every colour you could imagine.2013-03-31 21.06.31 2013-03-31 21.06.41 2013-03-31 21.15.49Jackson Square 2013-03-31 21.17.42 2013-03-31 21.17.55St. Louis Cathedral 2013-03-31 21.19.32 2013-04-01 10.17.40Primer Red?  What do you think? 2013-04-01 10.47.07We were told that a trip to New Orleans is not complete without a trip to the historic

Cafe De Monde for coffee and beignets so....2013-04-01 10.49.39I did not want to miss out on this experience and I was not disappointed.2013-04-01 10.55.35Our view of Jackson Square with all the horse drawn carriages just waiting to take you on a tour... but sadly not for us this time...we are here on business after all!2013-04-01 11.04.01 2013-04-01 12.30.45In the French Quarter they have a lot of these Creole Townhouses with shops below and homes above.  I loved all the architecture.2013-04-01 12.31.13Lots of little places to stop for a bite to eat...

after all for some New Orleans is all about the food! 2013-04-01 12.32.01Even though it is not Mardi Gras Season, beads can be found hanging just about anywhere! 2013-04-01 12.39.53 2013-04-01 12.58.31Royal Street is known for it's antique shops...HELLO!2013-04-01 12.59.47 2013-04-01 13.00.25Hidden back alleys are so peaceful...just look at these French Olive Jars. 2013-04-01 13.20.29Shopping and Galleries are plentiful on Royal Street.2013-04-01 13.54.29Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights keep New Orleans a glow at night.  They are so beautiful, I would have liked to take a few home. 2013-04-01 13.55.10I sat in that sun beam and could not wipe the smile off my face.  Definitely hard to leave this alley way. 2013-04-01 14.05.56You never know what you will find around every corner of New Orleans but I can't wait to return to continue our discoveries. Canadian Retailers in NOLA

Talking about discoveries...Look at all the new friends that we discovered in New Orleans! Along with Annie Sloan (center) this group is some of your Canadian Chalk Paint Retailers.  What a pleasure to meet so many women (and men) who are in love with Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan and who are passionate about what they do.  If you live in Canada please visit to find your closest retailer.

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