An Evening with Oprah!

2013-01-24 18.43.25

On my bucket list was to one day see a live Oprah show.  I came very close a few years ago as my family took part in a reality show on the OWN Network, (like the shirt my husband  and the kids gave me for Christmas!)  but we never actually saw Oprah! 

Well, thanks to my dear friend Susan, I recently had the chance to see OPRAH live here in Vancouver.  The day of the show fell on one of those days where you just didn't think you could handle anything more.  All the way into Vancouver Susan drove with a smile on her face as I poured my heart and problems out all over the place. I was so wrapped up in my day that I had not had a chance to really realize where we were headed, but once Oprah walked out on stage...she was talking to me! ( Does that ever happen to you?)  Almost every one of my problems and concerns, she addressed, just like two good friends!  Susan said she was meant to bring me...thank you Susan and thank you Oprah!

I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity and if you did not have a chance to see her you may enjoy reading "How an evening with Oprah turned me into a fan".

Your life is speaking to you, are you listening?



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