What is TOUGH MUDDER you ask?? Let me share this video with you to give you an idea!

 A group of 6 people meet in Seattle.  Some meeting for the first time, some life long friends.  Here we are the night before...Deborah (my life long friend), Melissa (our token American), Randy (general back watcher), Sally (high school friend), Mike(my husband) and ME!  Deborah and Mike are already seasoned Tough Mudders after their experience together earlier this year in Whistler. 
Barbed wire, electrical shock, mud up to our waists, 12 foot walls to scale over...and this is fun? You bet! The second obstacle is the Arctic Enema (huge tub full of ice that you have to submerge your head in and swim 3 feet down, under a wall and come up the other side....and get out as fast as you can!  Brrrr...this is where I am asking myself, "What am I doing?"
The one obstacle I was most worried about was where we had to jump from a 17 foot high platform into a man made pool of mud and water!  I was worried that once I got to the top I would have time to think myself out of it.  Thanks to a not so friendly Marine yelling at us to jump, there was no time to think.  Deborah, being the true friend that she is, took my hand and we jumped together.  This obstacle went from being my most feared to my most memorable!  Thanks for being my friend Deb!
Well, after 4 plus hours of running, jumping, swimming, climbing, carrying, swinging, slipping and sliding... we made it to the finish line. I am a TOUGH MUDDER, but I am not alone...
There really are not words to describe what happened out there but what I do know is that what started just a few short hours ago has changed us all forever!  Overcoming fears, challenges, working together with our team and with strangers, believing in yourself and having the faith in others. 
I am not alone...we are ALL TOUGH MUDDERS! 
 Please take a moment and read Deborah's post on our event,.http://deborahkriger.com/ToughMudderSeattle/ 
She just did an amazing job describing what it was like to be a part of what may be one of the "toughest event on the planet"!

(picture from City Farmhouse)
I hope you all are enjoying your journey! xo