Taking "The Passionate Home's Basic Upholstery Workshop" that is!!
Pat is very busy working on her little stool, that turned out very pretty by the way!

Reid gave us all a quick peek into how easy it is to redo a chair like this...

I am excited to give it a try!

Step by step...amazing things began to happen!

Everyone measured, cut, folded and stapled...

and worked to get their patterns perfectly centered!!!

It is all about those corners!

2 hours goes by quickly when you are having fun...

almost done!

And...we DID IT!

Congratulations everyone and much luck on your future projects!


Feb 06, 2016

Kristy, your photos looked so beautiful! Enjoy your time! See you soon and thanks! C

The Passionate Home
Feb 06, 2016

I did get my paint and its waiting for my return. I hear the weather is getting better there, but hasnt been very good. Sending emails are spotty down here but we are getting them all so i am feeling bad about reading and not responding. Glad to see the latest class went so well. No mink coats this time? Just teasing. Say hi to dear Elinor and see you all soon.


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