Well, I am late again with my post, as tomorrow the next episode airs, but it has been a very busy week, much like the "WINE AND DINE" week in the Million Dollar Neighbourhood. This was a crazy week for everyone, but I will tell you a bit about my story.

This was the week that our family was put on the cooking team. Cooking is not for me but my husband Mike...another story! This was his week to kick it up a notch, as he loves to cook. So, off Mike goes to the first meeting and I stayed home thinking I was going to relax and get caught up on housework. Well, after about an hour, I wondered what I was missing and how I could participate without entering the kitchen! And so the "GIFT BAG HQ" was born!

Doesn't every good party give out "goodie bags" on the way home??? Well let me tell you I burned up the phone lines and our local community and businesses really jumped in with both feet.

I must give a HUGE shout out to LONDON DRUGS for donating not only a ladies hand bag for each "Gift Bag" but inside each purse is a make up bag just filled with wonderful goodies. The people of London Drugs just jumped on board and in record time delivered two vans full of donations for our event. I was so very touched and thankful for their generosity. Thank you!

My home was turned into a factory with my wonderful new neighbours and friends working an assembly line like you have never seen!

This sea of blue is thanks to my very good friends at the Downtown Langley Business Association, as they donated 250 reusable bags to this event! Let me tell you, these blue bags are just full of wonderful gifts, coupons, brochures and goodies and we could not have put it all together without the DLBA bags. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the end, the value of these gift bags where more than the highly controversial ticket price to our event. I would like to thank each and every person and business who contributed. Some not only contributed to our bags but also the silent auction.

London Drugs - thanks Tami

1 Fish 2 Fish - thanks Heather

Forever Yours Lingerie- thanks Sonya

Midas Aldergrove-thanks Chris

Go Bananas

Strawberry Hills Hair Care Aldergrove

G Force Roofing

Milseans Aldergrove - thanks Rob

Barefoot Venus - thanks Deborah

Langley Tourism - thanks Deborah

We worked together to stuff 200 gift bags and let me tell could not see the carpet in my living room when we were done...just a sea of blue! And how are we getting these bags to the winery you ask???? Motor home of course! :)

Well, the day came and although chilly, it was beautiful! Here you see T.J. and Mike listening to Anthony's "pep" talk...just look at these guys...what do you think they are thinking??? Looks like the same thing to me!

I was so proud of Mike and our whole team for putting together such an amazing event in such a short period of time. What people can accomplish when they work together is truly unbelievable.

Although we did not make our financial goal this week, to me this week was a GREAT SUCCESS!

During this week we also took part in a pot luck dinner. Anyone want the recipe for Shirley's Chicken...Oh so good!

One of the things I learned this week was that you don't have to go to great lengths to get together with friends and neighbours, you just have to do it!

Another part of this weeks challenge was to eat only what we had in the house, not to order coffee out and no purchasing alcohol. Well, we worked together as a family and planned meals around what we had in our pantry and freezer and saved $$$$. We made our coffee at home and lucky for me, we had a new bottle of vodka in the freezer!