We are so excited to welcome you to The Passionate Home's first "Basic Upholstery" workshop!

We asked the ladies at our first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop what other workshops they might be interested in taking and it was unanimous...everyone said upholstery!

Since we are all about making people happy...let me introduce you to Reid from Once Again Furniture & Upholstery.

It was great fun to see everyone arrive at the store with their projects and we got right down to work. Reid took us through a step by step lesson on recovering a seat cushion and he brought all the tools to get the job done with a professional look.

His fingers moved so quickly it was difficult to photograph , but let me tell you,

everyone went home with PERFECT corners!!!

It always looks easier when someone else is doing it,
but these ladies are paying attention to every detail.

Let the fun begin! Every project was at a different stage. Some had to remove staples and nails first. Some had to just cut out bulky corners and some had to remove all the old fabric. We did it all!

This stool is one of our "Before" photos...just wait and see how beautiful it turns out to be!

All the fabric was removed from this seat cushion, but the foam was in still good shape.

Another "Before" photo...

I just love to see everyone smiling and having a good time!

I think this fabric has to go, don't you?

All our ladies looked like professionals!

Just the sound of all those staplers banging away in the shop was exciting...

the sound of WOMEN AT WORK!

Step by step...

Staple by staple....

And some one on one assistance from the professional...

Things really started to take shape!

Just look how adding piping can just finish it off so beautifully!

(by the way, this is the seat cover that looked like Santa's coat)

Thank you all for coming, sharing your projects and allowing us to help you along in your creative journey! Everyone went home happy, with their completed project
and with the secret to making the perfect corner!