Well, I thought I had better post about episode #3 before the MILLION DOLLAR NEIGHBOURHOOD airs the next episode tonight!

So welcome to week 3 "SKILLS & JOBS"

This week Mike and I were 'TEAM VICKI"! One of our challenges for this week was to find Vicki a job, but let us take a step back a bit and let me tell you how this worked. Out of the 100 families participating in the show, they asked the ones who were looking for work to stand in front of the group. There were about 9 people standing and the rest of us were broken into even groups to support and find work for these people. Well, let me tell you it is not easy promoting someone you have never met.

So, that brings us to our girl Vicki, an Interpersonal Relationship Specialist!! Though "Team Vicki" did not get any "air" time, in the end we were more than successful!

This was the week I volunteered to be team leader, but I give full credit to Vicki for listening, for taking suggestions, answer many questions and taking constructive criticism from a whole group of people she hardly knew. In the end Vicki gave a workshop to a large group of MDN'rs on


and it was a huge success and she left us wanting more!!

We are so proud of Vicki and so proud to now call her our friend!

Did you see me in the last episode??? This seems to be all the camera time I get...peaking through the crowd!! Do you see who is in front of me??? That is Mark. It is during this week that I first met Mark and Kyle, as they were also on Team Vicki and as I discovered during the Skills Market, Mark has a passion for Interior Design...HELLO!

Another unexpected gift from this experience is our new friendship with Mark and Kyle. Little did we know that they just live a few homes away from ours. I feel truly blessed to have met our new neighbours and are so happy for them winning the weekly $10,000!!!

If you saw the last episode you will remember Kyle yelling "PARTY AT OUR HOUSE", well true to their word, that is just where our family is headed tonight to watch episode #4

"Breaking Bread & Making Dough"!

This next episode will be is amazing each week to watch how the production company puts together an hour show from the many hours of taping that happened. Maybe this week I will be more than just a face in the crowd????

One of the many things I learned this week was the power of "NETWORKING", the power of people coming together! When our MDN Family comes together and there is a need in the group...word spreads like wild fire. Whether it be someone needing a job, someone needing an emergency car repair, someone needing a babysitter or someone just needing to talk....GREAT THINGS HAPPENED! This experiece has brought together so many different people, with so many different personalites but together we are one "COMMUNITY" and it is a great thing!!
Even though the "SHOW" is over, our Million Dollar Neighbourhood lives on...

Tune in tonight on OWN at 5pm and 8pm