The idea of making money is GREAT! The idea of letting go some items you love is NOT! Our family is constantly decluttering and passing on items we no longer need, but there are a few "home decor" items that I have been keeping just because I love them so much! As you all know, I own a home decor store, so I LOVE my home decor. I have pictures that I love so much but have no where to hang, so I just put them on the floor and stack them just because they make me happy! Is that wrong?? I know there are a few of you out there who do the same thing!!!

There are so many reasons we hang on to the "STUFF" and I sure experienced some brave and strong people during this challenge who made HUGE strides in "letting go". Some families took the whole week to declutter and prepare for this sale. As I was very busy preparing for the Chairs for Charity event at work, we took just a few hours and made some very quick and sometimes painful decisions.

Our family was on the Advertising Team for the garage sale and I want to give a HUGE shout out to my husband Mike and my son Max. Even though we could not make "the filming" time for the show, these two men made 87 homemade signs and together put them up all over town the night before the garage sale and then took them all down the next day! Nice work boys!!

I would like to introduce you to one of the hosts of MDN, Bruce Sellery. Bruce is more than just a financial expert, he is a motivator, a good listener and a friend to all MDN families. I felt that Bruce genuinely cared about everyone and he worked tirelessly to help people live a better life.

Bruce gave all MDN families a copy of his book "Moolala". He also supported our local community by lending his name and an autographed copy of his book to The Passionate Home's
Chairs for Charity Auction benefiting the Langley Christmas Bureau. Thank you Bruce!

During the garage sale we also had the opportunity to meet Cari Cucksey from

HGTV's Cash & Cari. I am sure if we had more time together we would be great friends!! Cari also supported us in our Chairs for Charity Auction and her colour pick was orange!!! She gave us an autographed photo and you can visit The Passionate Home to view the chair we designed just for her!

This week of filming was extremely busy as we continued to live CASH ONLY, we made garage sale signs, we got down into the crawl space to "let go", I painted and designed 13 chairs for The Passionate Home's charity event, we continued to build a business, we spent time with the kids and we did our MDN homework!!!! Nothing good comes easy!!

The Million Dollar Neighbourhood also has a facebook page with lots of links to money saving tips! So please visit!

If you missed Episode #2 "The Great Purge" you can view it HERE!

I hope you join us for Week 3 "Skills & Jobs"


P.S. At the end of the day The Thachuk Family made $387 at the garage sale...not bad!

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