On Saturday January 14th we held our second Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop, but it was the first time we held it in the store. The first workshop was in our old location which is know being renovated to expand the neighbouring kitchen store. This forced us to clean up the back of the store and ready it as initially planned to use as a workshop space. A space for ASCP workshops, upholstery, paint demo days and whatever other opportunities come our way. It is now a place like minded people can gather to learn, to have fun and to share!

I have found that there is always a level of excitement in the air
when like minded people gather!

Decision, decision...the options are limitless!

Happiness is a women being creative!

WOW, did we get some unique ideas and colour combinations!

Our group spent the day "hands on" learning, painting, distressing and waxing!

It was a GREAT way to spend the day!

Well...what do you think?

Does this look like fun to you??

OH YES it does!!

Way too much fun!

Thank you everyone for showing off your favorite colour combinations! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to help you along your road to creativity. Now...lets see those first projects!!